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Al Jazeera Forum: Forum hopes a lasting solution to Palestine issue

March 14, 2011 - 11:01:43 pm

DOHA: The Palestine issue came into spotlight at the sixth Al Jazeera Forum in the context of the political changes taking place in the Arab world, with several speakers expressing the view that the mass revolts could bring a paradigm shift in the conflict.

The fall of dictatorial regimes that were allies of the US and Israel could motivate the Arab streets to strengthen calls for liberation of Palestine, the speakers felt. Several youth activists attending the Forum were hopeful about finding a lasting solution to the Palestinian issue, which has always been at the heart of the Arab issues.

Osama Hamadan, member of the Political office of Hamas Movement,  referred the recent changes in the Arab countries to the lengthy burden of injections in the region. He proposed a new reading and analysis from different points of view to the entire current affairs since the official regimes and the American project had failed to achieve any political or economic change.

He classified the Palestinian Authority as part of such official Arab regimes so it was no longer acceptable and a new leadership composed of all national spectrums should emerge to provide freedom and to create a unified front against the occupation.

Hamadan, said the Palestinian people were affected by two elements: The occupation and its agents in the Palestine National Authority, which provide security service to it.

He described the American attitude as embarrassing so a new base for the Palestinian national project should be established to end the occupation. He added that Hamas has already started consultations with different Palestinian factions to declare an initiative dictated by people’s will and demand. He also warned all Palestinian agents backing Israel of the same fate of Hosni Mubarak and Zain Al Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia.

Dr Mahadi Abdul Hadi, Vice Chancellor of the Palestinian Academic University, said over 70 percent of Arab people were backing the popular mobilisation in Arab countries.

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