Fresh and natural: Make-up this year highlights healthy skin

 02 Apr 2016 - 11:36

Fresh and natural: Make-up this year highlights healthy skin

By Teresa Tropf 

Fresh is the watchword in make-up trends in 2016. “The best thing is to have make-up that is practically invisible, as well as clear, healthy skin. Less is more,” says make-up artist Iris Martin. 

”The undone look that we know from hair styling has now made its way over to make-up. Cool and restrained is the way to go,” advises another make-up artist, Boris Entrup, who advises Germany’s version of the Next Top Model reality TV series. 

To get this look right it’s essential for skin to look transparent and fresh at all times.

”A really hot topic at the moment is contouring and shaping,” says Entrup. 

This involves using dark and light coloured make-up to optimize the shape of a face. The very latest trend is called strobing, which uses highlighting for the same effect, and is done with a good highlighter that is slightly lighter than your natural skin colour. 

Highlights are applied to the cheeks, brow, the bridge of the nose and the bow of the lips or the chin, according to make-up artist Ronal Bauer. This way you will draw more attention to the flattering parts of your face.

There are a range of new colours that are perfect for getting the ”not-made-up make-up” look. “Tone-in-tone colours that are lightly applied, and hardly noticeable, are great for this look,” says Martin. Pastel tones fulfil this role perfectly. 

”If you use too much intensive colouring you will not get the look,” says Entrup.

If you do like deeper colours then try an extravagant colour such as purple or grey matched with a matte or metallic colour. 

Metallics such as gold and silver are themselves a trend in make-up right now, according to Martin. If you want to go this way you need to think about contrasts. Matte lips combined with a metallic eyeshade, for example.

Compared to last year, this year’s cosmetics trends are much softer, less sharp and precise. A couple of years, ago a shimmering complexion was the ultimate goal but his year matte and soft are back. Another element to the look is highlighting the eyes. 

Classic eyeliner in all its varieties is playing a major role. 

”Applied small decorations around the eyes such as tiny pearls, rhinestones or other ornamentation can add very exciting details,” says Entrup. White eyeliner is also extremely attractive, while eyeliner applied to the lower eyelid is another way to create a splash.

This year will also see more attention applied to eyebrows. Unplucked eyebrows can be kept in shape with special eyebrow gels and brushes.

”The eyebrows are combed upwards in a ‘boyish’ fashion, which gives the look a rather earthy touch,” says Entrup. If you really want to attract a lot of attention, you might want to try colouring your eyebrows.

For lips, the key to success is keeping them low key and avoiding strong colours during the day. Red lipstick remains a classic, however, and never goes out of fashion. But pink, dark orange ones and ox-blood red are also trend colours this year. 

Topping them off are matte and berry colours. 

One tip to follow is: if you plan to highlight your eyes, choose a more restrained look for your lips.

A simple recipe for success from Boris Entrup is: “A consistent complexion, light blue eyeliner, sharply defined eyelashes and a pink lipstick.” They would be the secret ingredients for the perfect make-up this year.