KG students at Rajagiri organised Earth Day event

 03 May 2017 - 17:03

KG students at Rajagiri organised Earth Day event

The Peninsula

The KG students of Rajagiri school came on to the stage representing the Mother Earth, animals and flowers. They looked sick and unhappy. Enquiry was made as to why they were sad. Not knowing the reason, they requested the doctor to come. The doctor gave them the much sought after medicine, pure drinking water. The pure water made all of them return to health and wellness.

The kids conveyed the message so effectively. Teacher Hema and coordinator Heena and Kajal, the HOD, helped them understand the relevance of observing Earth Day. They learned that the water and air have to be clean. Polluted water and air will make all ill and unhappy. They were inspired to take the decision that they would not do anything that would pollute the Mother Earth.

Finally they all had a beautiful dance together set to an enjoyable tune. They carried the message home in their minds and the roles they played inspired them remember the message for a long time.

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