Qatar to push for greater diversification next year

 05 Dec 2017 - 12:31

Qatar to push for greater diversification next year

The Peninsula

Qatar is likely to push for greater economic diversification in 2018 and strengthen economic ties in Asia as a response to the ongoing economic blockade, according to experts set to gather for The Euromoney Qatar Conference this week.

The event is one of Qatar’s most comprehensive annual financial events, covering a wide range of topics including the global economy, international investment, cybersecurity and financial technology. Senior executives from a range of financial organisations will take part, as in previous years. 

However, the key topic for debate at this year’s Conference will be the performance and potential of Qatar’s economy, which over the last six months has continued to be dynamic despite the diplomatic and economic blockade. 

Following the official opening by Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, the conference will welcome a number of senior government figures and captains of Qatar industry for their views on the direction of the economy. They will provide the most comprehensive picture of Qatar’s economic performance during the first six months of the blockade, as well as offer insight into the country’s plans for future development. 

The Euromoney Qatar Conference will run from December 5-6, 2017, in Doha.