Egypt seeks to reassure wheat market over regulations

 07 Feb 2016 - 16:46

Egypt seeks to reassure wheat market over regulations


CAIRO: Egypt sought to reassure wheat markets over its import requirements on Sunday after confusion over the allowed limits of a fungus rattled traders and prevented its state grain buyer from purchasing wheat in two successive tenders.

“We are confirming that we did not change anything in Egyptian specifications and these are in line with world standards ... and we will accept anything in line with them and reject those not in line with them,” supplies minister Khaled Hanafi told reporters in Cairo at a joint press conference with the agriculture minister.

Hanafi also said a rejected 63,000-tonne French wheat shipment had not affected the country’s wheat reserves, which are enough until mid-May.

The agriculture minister said Egypt was investigating how the rejected shipment had left French ports and reached Egypt with a level of ergot fungus above the allowed limit.

(Reporting by Eric Knecht; Writing by Maha El Dahan in Abu Dhabi and Sybille de la Hamaide in Paris; Editing by Mark Potter)