Al Ahli Hospital hosts children from The Next Generation School

 11 Feb 2017 - 13:49

Al Ahli Hospital hosts children from The Next Generation School

The Peninsula

Al Ahli Hospital hosted recently, the children from “The Next Generation School” at its auditorium, to help educate the children and teachers on the importance of nutrition, healthy eating and active living.  

“The purpose of this programme was to encourage children to make healthy choices in food and life style by highlighting importance of each”; said Dr Atiya Bashir,the Consultant Paediatrician at Al Ahli Hospital. “I feel so privileged and excited about this programme “Eat Right Live Bright” launched by Al Ahli Hospital. It has always been my passion to help families and kids live a healthy life so we can prevent diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and heart disease even before they start,” she said. She added that the beauty is that, all above are life style diseases that are totally preventable by eating healthy and living an active life. “It ensures health and emotional wellbeing not only for kids but entire family, community and nation.”

“We, paediatricians, teachers and parents, have the responsibility, along with the rest of the food industry, to help address public health issues especially dietary issues concerning children. This campaign will help educate people on the role of healthy eating and exercise”  

“It’s important to teach kids to eat healthy from a very young age and expose them to a variety of fruits and vegetables and healthy sources of carbohydrates and fats. When good eating habits are formed early in life, they tend to continue through entire childhood and into adulthood as well.”