How Women Work holds wellness programme

 14 Jan 2017 - 20:02

How Women Work holds wellness programme
Evridiki Iliaki

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

How Women Work (HWW) conducted second seminar under ‘Hippocrates Success and Wellness Program’ which was hosted by Evridiki Iliaki, a Certified Business and Life Coach.

The seminar’s title was ‘Lead a Successful and Confident Lifestyle’ and only women were present in the event. With over 15-year experience Evridiki Iliaki is dedicating her life to developing and refining new methods to help individuals create a more successful, happier and holistic lifestyle. She has helped hundreds to find their career and personal purpose in life.

Emphasising on the importance of body control for a successful and confident lifestyle, Iliaki said: “Many people completely overlook posture and how it is impacting their performance or their everyday lifestyle activities. Posture can have a profound influence on how you feel, function as well as your overall health.”

“Standing up straight can take up to 10 pounds of body weight off your frame, so using good posture is an excellent way to improve the way you look,” she further added.

Iliaki stressed that there is great scientific evidence behind power posing. “Research showed that standing or sitting a certain way, even for two minutes lowers the stress hormone cortical.”

“These immediate changes in your body chemistry can affect the way you do your job and interact with other people. This if performed regularly and having the support of a success coach, it can even have an impact on your chances of success,” she noted.

Sharing her life experiences with The Peninsula, she said: “15 years ago she managed to heal herself from a critical medical condition by getting into a fitness routine. I managed to lose 30kg and got myself cured. As she started to work on her body and be in contact with her body, she realised how her posture had improved.”

Her body became slimmer but also stronger. At that time one of her fitness regimes that she chose and still practiced was yoga. She used yoga only as a form of exercise and learning powerful breathing techniques.

Explaining the guiding principles of a successful life she said: “First principle is to have ‘life principles’ this most times comes from your upbringing and is highly connected to your morals and values.”

“My life is devoted to my true purpose in life, which is to do service through my work and that makes me fulfilled and happy. One of the last principles I want to share is as Hippocrates said: ‘Count your blessings and your passion will light the way’.”

“I am very grateful every day and as time goes by I feel more and more people receive and value the benefit of my work,” she said.

“HWW family as we exist successfully, performing mainly community work here in Qatar since 2009 and we are bringing all major communities together and we give great respect to all communities.”

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