Girls’ wing of PIS holds cultural show

 15 Feb 2017 - 11:46

Girls’ wing of PIS holds cultural show

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Girls’ Wing of Pakistan International School (PIS) held a ‘cultural show’ at its premises on February 8. The Exhibition showcased the rich and vibrant culture of Pakistan. 

The much awaited day started with great enthusiasm and jubilance among the Grade 10 students of Girls’ Wing to celebrate the culture and customs of Pakistan. Nargis Raza Otho, Principal of the school, opened the exhibition by cutting ceremonial ribbon along with Afshan Shahid, Vice-Principal ofGirls’Wing, Nasir Raja, Vice-Principal Boys’ Wing,Rizwan Muhammad, Vice-Principal of Junior Wing, Mubarika Nauman, Headmistress of KG Wing, Reema Rashid, Head of Arts and Culture Department, senior teachers, Ahsan Rasheed and Farzana Safdar and the organiser of the event Mahjabeen. 

The Students beautifully displayed the indigenous folk culture of all four provinces, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, depicting their arts, crafts, folk music and traditional cuisine, Traditional Pakistani dresses, clothes, embroidery, jewellery, artwork and handy-crafts were put on display. 

A section was dedicated to the great poets and their works, and books about them were put on display. A photo gallery about Pakistan was also put on display, which exhibited the diversity of Pakistani culture and achievements of Pakistanis in various fields.

Documentaries about four provinces of Pakistan were also presented during the event. Traditional Pakistani music, especially the folk music of all provinces, mesmerised guests. 

The special part of the event was Pakistani traditional food dishes; the visitors savoured the rich taste of Pakistani cuisines. On the menu were: Biryani, Saag,Peshawari Pulao, kabab, Kheer, and Qehwa and traditional sweets.  

The students demonstrated the rich cultural diversity of four provinces of Pakistan. 

This yearly feature of the school is held to convey positive messages to the young students being expatriates to learn about the culture and traditions of Pakistan, different ethnic groups, religion and its heritage. It also aims at transforming young people’s approach to portray the true colours of their homeland Pakistan.

Enthusiastically, the children set up their classrooms with various cultural items such as traditional dresses, famous foods, music,and were clad in cultural attires. Nargis Raza Otho, Principal of the school, interacted with all students. “It has always been an encouraging factor to bring about an awareness of love, co-operation, and kindness to promote brotherhood among the young students as part of the curriculum through such events. It will surely help the children to inculcate feelings of love, warmth, care, smiles of joy for each other,” She said while visiting the stalls set up by the young students.  

The show presented a stunning atmosphere and students and teachers appreciated the efforts of Mahjabeen Baloch.    

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