Qatar pavilion at Expo Astana hosts children with special needs

 15 Aug 2017 - 2:22

Qatar pavilion at Expo Astana hosts children with special needs
Visitors at the Qatar’s pavilion at Expo Astana 2017 which hosted children with special needs and media figures.

The Peninsula

As part of its extensive list of activities and events at Expo Astana 2017 in Kazakhstan during August and September 2017, Qatar’s pavilion organised a special day for children with special needs (Association of Persons with Disabilities in Astana).
Throughout the day, children listened to Qatari songs and music and toured the various sections of the pavilion, which tells the story of Qatar’s ancient past, its flourishing present and bright future. Children also enjoyed activities in a dedicated section where they participated in drawing and colouring activities and received henna tattoos, in addition to taking photographs.
The event reflects Qatar’s keenness to familiarise people with special needs with Qatari culture and ensure their participation in unique activities and events organized by the Qatari pavilion.
Qatar’s pavilion also hosted 35 people from various media organisations that took part in Expo Astana 2017. Members of the media were introduced to the pavilion, whose design was inspired by Qatari heritage, and its various sections.
Visitors were also briefed on development projects in Qatar and the renaissance the country is witnessing, as well as the state’s interest in human development and the country’s many accomplishments across various fields. Journalists expressed their admiration for the valuable information that the pavilion offers on Qatar.
The pavilion enjoys a design that merges modernity with heritage and Qatari culture. Its unique front presents a number of successful projects that the country has undertaken in the field of sustainable and alternative energy, and highlights Qatar’s strategy in diversifying its energy sources and overcoming challenges in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.
The pavilion also sheds light on Qatar’s position as a tourism destination and an attractive hub for business and investment.
The pavilion is home to a number of sections, including “Qatar is Vibrant,” which visually presents Qatar’s history to participants. The “Technology of the Future” section focuses on Qatar’s efforts to embrace green energy and reduce carbon emissions, while the “Sustainable Energy” section calls for the efficient and intelligent use of energy to minimise overconsumption. The “Human Energy is the Focus of our Attention” section highlights the importance of supporting human capacity building through advanced research in the field alternative energy.