Netherlands to showcase high-tech horticultural solutions for Qatari farmers

 20 Sep 2017 - 15:59

Netherlands to showcase high-tech horticultural solutions for Qatari farmers

The Peninsula

Doha, Qatar: The Netherlands Embassy in Doha is organising an event for Qatari companies interested in modern technology used in famous Dutch green houses, next Tuesday at the Hilton Hotel. 

The event will be attended by Dutch companies visiting Doha with expertise in the field of agriculture in the Middle East and have high-tech solutions suitable for Qatar, where climatic conditions is a challenge for growing vegetables. 

"The Netherlands takes pride in being the world's number one in greenhouse horticulture and the world's leading producer of seeds and vegetables," said the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Qatar Dr Bahia Tahzib-Lie.

Visiting companies are expected to offer Dutch solutions and experiences in best quality crop production throughout the year using very little water, in addition to other advantages of high-tech agricultural greenhouses like controlling pests and diseases more efficiently.

The event will be attended by Anadriya Drissen, Director of Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands and the Dutch Ambassador to Doha, as well as the Agricultural Advisor of the Embassy. 

All Dutch companies will present their agricultural experiences to their Qatari counterparts. 

The issue of food security is high on the agenda for Qatar, especially horticulture sector, as advances in this sector will help increase self-sufficiency in a variety of vegetables.

The Netherlands Embassy has welcomed all interested Qatari stakeholders to the programme which will be held at the Hilton Hotel Doha from 8.30am on September 26.