Works of 3 Qatari women artists on display

 21 Sep 2017 - 2:27

Works of 3 Qatari women artists on display
Ebtisam Al Saffar, Moudhi Al Hajri and Amal Al Aathem, artists during the opening of Exhibition by three Qatari artists at Katara Art Center yesterday. Pics: Baher Amin / The Peninsula

By Raynald C Rivera / The Peninsula

There is strength and deep sensibility in the works of three Qatari women artists of substance as they show differing perspectives and styles in tackling issues of relevance at Al Markhiya Gallery’s first exhibition for the season which opened on Tuesday at Katara Art Center.
Al Markhiya Gallery opens the new season with a one-of-its-kind three-women exhibition featuring 25 works by Qatari contemporary artists Amal Al Aathem, Ebtisam Al Saffar and Moudhi Al Hajri.
The exhibition attempts to create a connection between the three well traveled artists through some of their latest series, said Anas Ktit of Al Markhiya Gallery, a leading private art gallery in Doha.
“The artists deal with similar subjects in the their works on display but expressed in their own unique way. They have their distinct style in expressing how they see women, family and life in general,” explained Ktit.


Moudhi Al Hajri during the opening of Exhibition by three Qatari artists at Katara Art Center yesterday. Pics: Baher Amin / The Peninsula


In her series photography series “Abduction of Childhood Dreams”, Moudhi Al Hajri merges photographs she took of children in Yemen several years ago to express the devastating effect of war on children.
“War is an enormous problem and I want to send this message through the eyes of the children, who are primarily the victims of war,” Moudhi told The Peninsula.
From taking photography as a hobby, Moudhi has shifted her focus on documentary photography which can serve as reference for students and researchers in the future. “I’m not into taking beautiful landscape photos, I’m after highlighting important issues like war which might encourage people to do good. I used the old photos I took in Yemen back in 2007; these might be children in Yemen but they represent children from all over the world especially in the Arab world these days. They must be provided help and not forgotten,” she added. Amals’ abstract artworks in mixed media highlight women’s power and the indispensable role they play in the society as a mother, sister, daughter and worker.
“Women play a multi-faceted role in the society and have the power to control the system of life,” she explained, referring to her four paintings from her series “Bridge to the Moon” and “Self Dialogue”.


Amal Al Aathem during the opening of Exhibition by three Qatari artists at Katara Art Center yesterday. Pics: Baher Amin / The Peninsula


For over a decade, Amal has developed her own distinct style which makes her one of the strongest voices in Qatar’s art scene and a recognized international artist who just came back from successful exhibitions in England and Croatia over a month ago.“They were very successful exhibitions which were important to me as an artist because these countries have a long history in art spanning centuries and for people to understand, appreciate and believe in what I’m doing is one of the greatest compliments that I received,” she said, adding her shows overseas have widen her vista as an artist.
“I have plans to have more exhibitions around the world. My big mission is to send the right message to the world, that we are not just a gas and petroleum-producing country but we have deep-rooted culture,” she added.
Ebtisam, who is the first recipient of The Fire Station’s Paris Art Residency, displays 10 of her acrylic and mixed media paintings, two of which were created in Paris during her three-month residency early this year.
“I benefited from Paris residency with a great deal of learning both artistically and culturally, exchanging ideas with other artists on art production. I witnessed how artists from around the world create their art and I also shared to them my own style and my culture,” she said. The exhibition is open to the public until November 10 at Al Markhiya Gallery in Katara Art Center, Building 5.