Al Banuche Cafeteria: One of the best & cheapest egg-cheese sandwich in town

 24 Jan 2016 - 17:41

Al Banuche Cafeteria: One of the best & cheapest egg-cheese sandwich in town




By Pramod Prabhakaran

Al Banuche is the place to go for the best egg-cheese sandwich in the city. Situated in the lane next to Jeep showroom (Qatar Airways old building) on the Airport Road, this is a small cafeteria, which specialises in egg sandwiches. Don’t go by the look of the shop, they make some real yummy sandwiches.
The egg omlette, which is as fluffy as you can get, comes inside a Qubus with the right amount of cheese, a few slices of tomato and a pinch of coriander leaves. If you can stomach a little spicy omlette, then they will add some chopped green chillies to it (recommended). It’s a mystery how they make such a simple dish into a work of art.

The egg-cheese special sandwich fro Al Banuche.

The best way to eat is to park your car outside in the lane and order. There is some road work going on, so getting parking space is little difficult. Pack it and take it to corniche for a lovely breakfast. They bring the sandwich in a plate, cut into four. For takeaway, tell them not to roll it, somehow it’s not that good when it’s rolled. AND eat it hot…..
Don’t forget to taste the masala chai (masala tea); you will have to wait a little for the ginger infused tea, so order in advance. If you are not the ginger tea kind of person then ask for an avocado juice to wash down the sandwich.
Their scrabbled egg is decent, goes well with toasted bread. Rest of the fare is nothing much to write about.
Go there for the egg-cheese sandwich — plated, not rolled.
And to top it all a sandwich costs just under QR5. A meal with juice will be around QR12-15.


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