Malabar Gold & Diamonds plans major initiatives this Ramadan

 24 May 2017 - 7:37

Malabar Gold & Diamonds plans major initiatives this Ramadan
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The Peninsula

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, one among the big five global jewellery retailer strengthens its CSR activities in the GCC and Far East region this Ramadan, embracing the spirit of giving. Such month long activities are planned in association with like-minded organisations from the respective countries to benefit the needy. Over 60,000 special Iftar meals / kits will be distributed during this period.

In Qatar, the group will be providing Iftar meals to over 1,500 labourers through their tents located in Al Khor and Industrial Areas.

In UAE, over 42,500 Iftar meals /kits will be provided to the residents in association with various like-minded organisations like Sharjah Charity International, Emirates Red Crescent, Al Rahma Charitable Trust, Dubai KMCC, various labour camps and masjids throughout this holy month. 18,000 Iftar meals will be provided at Sajaa Industrial area, Sharjah, in an air conditioned tent which is set up with the support of Sharjah Charity International. 

Over 2,000 Iftar meals will be provided in association with Emirates Red Crescent in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & UAQ regions. The company will also distribute special Ramadan kit to the 100 families which will have enough grocery for 15 days in association with Emirates Red Crescent. 

Malabar Gold & Diamonds associates with Al Rahma Charitable Trust to provide 500 meals at the respective tents. The company also associates with Dubai KMCC to provide 2,000 meals for the needy. Malabar Gold & Diamonds also provides 18,500 Iftar meals across the various labour camps and nearby masjids where the group operates. 

In Oman, the group provides over 4,500 Iftar meals at Ruwi Street, Muscat. The company also provides special Ramadan kit to the under privileged people which includes the grocery which will be enough for a person to break the fast for 30 days during Ramadan. 1,500 such kits will be distributed in Ruwi, 500 each in Sohar and Salalah.

In Bahrain, the group is planning to provide over 4,500 Iftar meals to the workers at different labour camps located all over Bahrain like Askar, Akker, Jau, Arad, Hidd etc. Like in previous years, they will be associating with Discovery Islam, Al Hedaya Centre and Friendship Society for Blinds, UCO Parents Care to carry out such activities during Ramadan.

In Kuwait, the group will provide Iftar meals to over 3,000 labourers in different parts of various governorates in Kuwait like Fahaheel, Mahboula, Fintas, Abu Halifa, Mina Abudullah, Mina Al Soor, Jahra, Jaleeb, Al Shuwaikh. In Kuwait, the group associates with various like-minded organisations such as Kuwait Kerala Muslim Association, Kuwait KMCC, Kuwait Islamic Group, etc. to conduct various CSR initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan.

In Singapore, 500 Iftar meals will be distributed in an open ground near Angulia Mosque, Farrer Park. Company will also distribute around 25,000 water cups in the various masjids during the holy month. 

In Malaysia, the group provides 1,000 special Ramadan Kit to the under privileged people which includes the grocery which will be enough for a person to break the fast for 15 days during Ramadan. The company also provides 650 Iftar meals which will be distributed in masjids and orphanages.

Since its inception in 1993, Malabar Group has been actively involved in CSR activities with the aim of creating a difference to the community in and around their area of operations. The importance of CSR activities for Malabar Group has grown over the decades and the group sets aside a fixed percentage of its net profit for the benefit of the needy in the respective markets it operates in.