Community College of Qatar lines up ambitious programs

 24 Sep 2017 - 7:59

Community College of Qatar lines up ambitious programs
Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Nuaimi, President of the (CCQ), speaking to a QNA reporter.

The Peninsula

Community College of Qatar (CCQ) will put some of the decisions in principle in its new branch in Al Khor which will start receiving students starting from October 22, where 1,800 students attending the college are from the northern areas the State, said President of CCQ Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Nuaimi. 

The Cabinet approved, at its last meeting, a draft of the H H Emiri decision to reorganise the College to place it at the forefront of higher education institutions in Qatar. It has also opened new disciplines to serve the labour market offering bachelor degree. It has affirmed the great interest of Qatar in education and the sponsorship. 

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA) Dr. Al Nuaimi said he wants Al Khor experience to succeed in excellence, calling at the same time the students from northern area to join this branch as it is near their residential areas.  Al Nuaimi pointed out that apart from the Al Khor a plot of land was allocated for the establishment of another branch in Al Wakrah, which is in the design stage, while the College is considering the establishment of a third branch at Al Shihaniya, pointing out that there is increasing interest to join the college. 

Dr Al Nuaimi noted that the College is now in a different situation than it was in 2010, in terms of buildings that have now increased to five buildings serving students separately or in terms of programmes and disciplines and the number of students who increased from 900 students at the opening, to about 4,500 male and female students now. 

The government has allocated plot of land at Al Mazruaa area to establish the College main management building. 

The college has 17 programs of Diploma in Arts and Sciences, in addition to offering bachelor degree programs in engineering, general administration and information systems, as well as joint programs for these two levels, as in the case of public administration of personnel in different sectors of the State Al Nuaimi outlined. 

The College constantly offers each year a programme or two programs in new disciplines serving the community at the level of diploma or bachelor, Dr Al Nuaimi added.

He noted that the College has many cultural, scientific, vocational, technical and applied programs and activities aiming to prepare specialized technical cadres trained in academic and practical fields that meet the needs of the community and the labour market. 

Dr Al Nuaimi further said that the College has a programme with an Australian Border Management University that is complementary to a program launched with the General Customs Authority for high-level outputs in the Customs sector. 

The College has previously signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the General Customs Authority and the Customs and Tax Studies Center at Charles Sturt University in Australia, to provide customs-related educational services and technical and research assistance.

In addition, Dr Al Nuaimi noted that the College also has a programme of arts in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports and another for Health Information Systems, one of the scholarship programmes for the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

And then the “ Teacher Assistance” program which is held in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and the minimum requirements for admission is to obtain a high school certificate , that besides the diploma program of logistics and supply management, pointing out that the College is keen that its programs do not conflict with what already exists at Qatar University to prevent repetition and duplication.

Dr Al Nuaimi underlined the importance of continuous training for students at the bachelor’s or diploma level as well as for the teaching staff to serve the labor market in areas of languages, public administration, technical specialties, health information etc.

The President of (CCQ) stressed that the College is inspired by the spirit of the speech delivered by Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to the citizens and residents on July 21, as a roadmap for future options and how to deal with them, especially with the challenges imposed by the current circumstances, making imperative for everyone in various educational institutions and others to adhere to diligence, creativity, thinking and self-reliance, for scientific initiatives in all disciplines required by the State, away from laziness and dependency.

The College follows the policy of open admission for every Qatari who holds high school, government, commercial or industrial secondary school Certificate at any rate and for any year. Transfer from the study of the diploma to the bachelor’s degree is done according to the conditions of which the student obtain a minimum rate of 2.5 degrees from 4 degrees “open good” provided that the discipline is available and meets the needs of the labor market.

There are about 350 Qatari students affected by siege imposed on the State of Qatar, Dr. Al Nuaimi said. He also added that a coordination between the college, Qatar University, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Hamad Medical Corporation and the Committee for Receiving Complaints and Grievances is needed to find suitable solutions for them.