Qatar Youth Hostels marks International Day of Peace

 24 Sep 2017 - 12:27

Qatar Youth Hostels marks International Day of Peace

By Amna Pervaiz Rao | The Peninsula

The Qatar Youth Hostels (QYH) recently organized a celebration to mark the ‘International Day of Peace’ under the title of ‘Wake-up to a better world’, which is observed on September 21 around the world every year.

The event was attended by Eng  Mohammed Mahdi Al Yami, Executive Director of Qatar Youth Hostels Association; Dr Mohammed bin Ghanim Al Maadheed, Chairman of the Board/President of Qatar Red Crescent Society; Abdullah Ahmad Al Sada, Member of Qatar Committee for Alliance of Civilizations; Dr Ibrahim Saleh Al Naimi, Chairman of Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue and President of Community College of Qatar and Dr Hanan Al Fayyad, Faculty member at Qatar University and other officials.

The celebration came in the framework of the International Youth Hostel Federation programmes which aims to develop the sense of peace among the people of the world, especially the youth sectors. 

The event witnessed a huge number of young people, experts and interested people who emphasised the success of the discussion session and importance of world peace and its roots.

Talking to The Peninsula during the event, Mahdi Al Yami said: “This event aims to identify the meaning of worldwide peace and how peace contributes in the development of humanity. QYH’s main purpose is to spread the culture of peace among the youth. We are also keen on strengthening the partnership with community entities coinciding with the current topics that matter to the world and is a foundation to build youth leaders that engrave the deep understandings of peace as an international target. Qatar plays an important role in peace for different parts of the world. QYH works on extending the youth with knowledge and different expertise.”

“This year, for the first time we have nominated Dr Mohammed bin Ghanim Al-Maadheed as ‘Man of peace 2017’, we have chosen him on the basis of his countless contributions towards Qatari youth. The nomination was done by the youth, members of QYH and volunteers working at QYH. QYH and Qatar Red crescent have a strong partnership because they have same vision towards youth leadership and human rights. We believe that youth makes better world and future,” he added.

Dr Mohammed Bin Ghanim Al Maadheed has been working for Nationally and Internationally organizations, NGOs, and the private sectors in Healthcare, Sports Medicine, Anti-doping, and Humanitarian fields for more than two decades. 

The events and activities of International Day of Youth at QYH headquarters included the launching of the mural of peace which was signed by participants belonging from different nationalities and  ages. Their messages were to the people all to maintain peace making and togetherness around the world. 

“The state of Qatar symbolises a peaceful and ethical approach towards dealing with the humanitarian problems, which has been appreciated from people around the globe. I thank QYH for selecting me as ‘Man of peace 2017’ , I am highly impressed by the leading role of QYH and its ongoing efforts towards youth of Qatar and the workshops and activities being held here,” said Al Maadheed during the event. 

The event was themed in ‘Blue and white’ colour to symbolise peace colour. The panel discussions at the event highlighted the aspirations and ambitions of youth which helps building peace all around the world.

“There are more than 186 nationalities in Qatar, every year we conduct a programme that is based on peace-building which is named ‘Fellowship programme by Qatar Committee for Alliance of Civilisations’, this programme invites 12 to 15 people from Europe and America which is one week long event. During this event we show people coming from different states the real image of Qatar, which includes trips to Fanaar, MIA, Mosques and etc. In this way people develop the real picture of our culture and religion,” said Al Sada at the event. 

“Qatar Committee for Alliance of Civilisations and QYH share the same vision, objectives and goals. QYH hosts quality programs that meet the needs, desires and ambitions of the youth, and helps build their capabilities, skills and talent. This year under the theme of ‘wake up to a better world’, has introduced the youth to the real and comprehensive meaning of peace and the ways to implement it to participate and spread the peace culture,” he added.