Ministry of Awqaf asks Imams to keep prayers short

 25 Jun 2017 - 1:24

Ministry of Awqaf asks Imams to keep prayers short
A Muezzin calls to attend the evening prayer at Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town on June 24, 2017. AFP / Rodger Bosch

By Sanaullah Ataullah / The Peninsula

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has asked the Imams (who lead the prayers) to wrap up Eid Al Fitr Prayer and sermon within 15 minutes, to ensure comfort for worshipers especially women and children from scorching heat.
“Respected orators of Eid Al Fitr! We would like to remind you that the duration of both sermons and prayer should not be exceed more than 15 minutes,” the Ministry said in a text message sent to the Imams assigned for leading Eid Al Fitr prayer. “It is required to adhere delivering both sermons of Eid Al Fitr and reach prayer ground before prayer time”, said the message.
“According to Islamic teaching, Eid Al Fitr has two sermons with a pause of few seconds between two like Friday sermon, an Imam of a mosque at Salata Jadid told The Peninsula explaining the text message.
“I received the text message about an hour ago, said the Imam showing the message in his mobile phone. “A big number of families with their kids go for Eid Al Fitr prayers, therefore the Ministry has allocated separate places for families at a number of prayer grounds.”
“According to the Islamic teaching, in general the mass prayers should be short because worshipers are from all segments of the society like women, children, senior citizens and even some sick people. In addition, we are in summer and many prayers will be in open field. Heat and humid weather is expected, so it is good to reduce the prayer time,” said the Imam.
The Weather Bureau has warned about strong wind and poor visibility at places today afternoon. It will be hot at daytime with slight dust to blowing dust at places at times, said a forecast posted on the website of the Bureau.
According to the forecast, the temperature in Doha will range from 32C to 42C. Al Khor will be coolest place with minimum temperature 27C and Maximum 40C. Dukhan will witness 29C minimum and 36C maximum. The temperature will fluctuate from 32C to 37C in Abu Samra. Messaid will get maximum 43C and minimum 28C.
The minimum humidity in Doha, Messaid and Al Khor will be 10 and maximum humidity will be 60, 65 and 70 respectively. The humidity in Dukhan and Abu Samra will range from 35 to 75. Al Ruwais will be highest humid with 80 as maximum and 55 minimum.