Katara hosts expo on eight countries

 29 May 2017 - 23:49

Katara hosts expo on eight countries
The exhibition on cultures and traditions at Katara.

By Raynald C Rivera / The Peninsula

An exhibition on cultures and traditions of eight countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Palestine and the Philippines continues to attract crowds at this year’s Ramadan Festival in Katara.
Located at Meerat Ramadan in the southern area of Katara, which is the main festival venue, the exhibition is the main feature of this year’s festival under the theme “Hospitality in various Muslim nations.”
“It is a good thing that this exhibition has been organised to provide knowledge and understanding of the similarities and differences in customs and traditions between these countries especially among the Muslim community,” said Fahed, one of the visitors.
The countries’ historical and geographical information, images of the most important mosques and tourist attractions, in addition to food served during the holy month, are among those displayed.
Visitors to the exhibition get information about the Muslim population, historical information about Islamic discoveries and the impact of Islamic civilisation in these countries.
Screens outside the exhibition hall show films on the customs and traditions in the countries.
Around 33 events and 168 lectures and workshops comprise Ramadan Festival in Katara, making the Cultural Village a must-visit during the holy month.
“Ramadan and our traditions”, an art exhibition by Qatari artists, is also a crowd-puller at the festival, with paintings and mixed media artworks by Qatari artists, who also conduct live painting.
“The artworks serve dual purpose towards appreciation and awareness of Qatari traditions as seen in the eyes of Qatari artists themselves,” said Mustafa, a festival visitor.
Adjacent to the Qatari artists exhibition is the ‘Innovators’s square” where silver and leather goods, wood sculpture, sand art, Garangao bags and other handicraft products are sold.
A fine art tent in which painting and craft workshops are being held every day is also a feature at the festival.
At the Katara beachfront, beach volleyball and football games are also ongoing. Also new this year are traditional games including brain-teasers and fun games. Traditional games, comprising brain-teasers and fun games as well as FIFA 2017 play station championship will take place in the coming days.
Other festival events and activities include seminars and Islamic lectures organised in cooperation with RAF Foundation, Qatar Charity, and the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs.
Due to popular demand, the Holy Quran memorisation competition has returned this year.