Be the proud owner of an organised jewellery box

 30 Jan 2016 - 11:14

Be the proud owner of an organised jewellery box
Cookie trays, muffin pans, USB box or even ice trays can be used creatively to showcase jewellery 


By Anisha Bijukumar

There is nothing that makes a woman more happy than her collection of jewels and if its organised in a creative way then the happiness only doubles. 

Each woman has faced this situation at least once when one of the favorite earring has gone missing and we had to do with another pair. There is nothing more depressing than seeing your treasured neck pieces all tangled, earrings that have lost their mates or bangles that have lost their shape.  

We have brought together a few ideas to help you declutter that jewellery box and also display it in a stylish and creative way: 

1.    Use tiny decorative dishes or saucers: If you do not have a large collection of rings, earrings and necklaces, then store them in colourful dishes or saucers, without cluttering them too much.
2.    Old muffin pans, chocolate box or cookie box: Decorate them using patterned papers, cutouts or ribbons to keep your jewellery inside.
3.    Use a cheese grater or an ice tray to hold your earrings so that you never lose a pair and can snatch it even when in a rush.
4.    Get a glass bottle and place a tree twig in it to hang your chains and bracelets. 
5.    A cookie tray or cupcake stand makes for a lovely way to store bangles and kadas (thick asian bangles).
6.    Make your own jewelry hanging rack using a wooden frame and old jute sack and some hooks. 
7.    Use a ribbon to keep track of your earrings. 
8.    Recycle old glass bottles to stack bangles and bracelets. 
9.    Use aluminium cloth hangers to place your bangles inside them and hang them inside your closet. 
10.  Use corkboard covered with linen fabric and decorated with nailhead border to hang your favourite pair of earrings or necklaces.     
11.  Antlers have naturally jagged shape that make it an ideal and creative jewelry organiser.
12.  USB box can be used to store some of the smaller jewellery that you own. 

Go ahead and let your creative juices flow, which in turn could get your favourite jewels organised.  

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