Zaffran to introduce a new dining experience in Doha

 31 Aug 2015 - 17:19

Zaffran to introduce a new dining experience in Doha
An inside view of the restaurant.

By Pramod Prabhakaran
Liquid nitrogen, dehydrated chicken and molecular gastronomy are not words usually associated with Indian cuisine. Indian restaurants typically stress more on being authentic and traditional than modern in their selection of dishes. This is where Zaffran Dining Experience stands out from the rest. They have taken a new approach to traditional Indian cuisine - in presentation, flavour and textures.
So here, you will find a ‘Deconstructed Pani Puri’, with no pani or puri in the traditional sense and the green semi solid stuff like an egg yolk is served in small glass bowl. It explodes in your mouth and delivers the precise taste of an authentic pani puri from the streets of Mumbai or Delhi. This definitely works in creating a unique dining experience and piques a diner’s interest in rest of the dishes.
They have managed to put together an array of such surprises which were introduced in the menu after a lot of research and trails. According to the energetic and enthusiastic Managing Director Nitin M Shroff they wanted to offer a “progressive dining experience” to the people of Doha.

Deconstructed Pani Puri

“We wanted to offer something which is not been seen before. We have put in a lot of effort and research into these dishes. The chicken in the Kandhari Murg, a kebab, is first dehydrated and then rehydrated using beetroot juice to give it a different colour to its texture. Likewise a lot of thought has gone into every dish and its presentation,” he said.
The Zaffran group have another outlet inside the The Centre shopping mall compound. They specialize in street food of India and are well-liked among Indian food aficionados. With the new outlet at the Al Emadi Financial Square, Shroff aims to deliver a fine dining experience which is markedly different from other Indian restaurants in Doha.
He has stuck to tradition and authenticity for iconic dishes like Murg Makhani and Dal Makhani and has managed to come out in flying colours. But at the same time, the chef has given a twist to the nan (Indian bread) by applying a red berry paste on it and it works pretty well with main dishes like Velvet Makhmali.
Another highlight of the menu is the live chat station where the chef puts together a nice and crispy chat with various savoury snacks and sauces made in-house. Shroff reminded us that the savouries are all oil free and healthy - the lack of oil has definitely not affected the taste. The chat is finished off with a good helping of liquid nitrogen and it gives a ‘cool and smoky’ twist to a typical Indian street food. The whole theatrics is definitely going to entice other guests to order the same. This dish is a winner for Shroff as It will keep the family and friends entertained and the taste is an added bonus.

Smoking Tea Riddle

In all the dishes the modern touch and presentation worked perfectly well. The Seafood Lollipop made out of minced fish and prawns and put together on a stick of sugarcane worked as well as the beautifully presented Paneer Makhmali. The Hare Masoor Shorba, which is falafel in liquid form, surprise you with its flavour like the very soft and succulent Galouti Kebab.
The interiors are done very aesthetically and the staff members are very courteous and helpful. The uniqueness of the concept jelled with good hospitality is definitely worth multiple visits.
Located at the Al Emadi Financial Square on the C Ring road, Zaffran Dining Experience opens its doors to pubic from September 2. A meal for two will cost around QR200 – QR250. A main dish will cost between QR50-QR80.
And yes, do try their Smoking Tea Riddle. It’s a smoking drink to kick start your dinner.
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