Annual leave can be split into two: Expert

July 07, 2010 - 11:21:55 pm

DOHA: Private sector employees can divide their annual leave into two and avail half of it the following year, according to lawyers.

However, an employee wishing to divide his annual leave should make an application to the company in writing, says lawyer Ali Al Khulaifi.

The employer, though, has the right to decide when a worker can go on leave, the law stipulates that he must not be unfair in making that decision. A worker who has put in 12 months of continuous service is entitled to annual leave, Al Khulaifi told Al Sharq in an interview.

But a company does not have the right under the new labour law that was enforced in 2004 to postpone the annual vacation of a worker to the year next to the one in which the leave is due.

For example, if a worker’s annual leave is due in 2010 he must avail at least half of it in that year.

Workers also have the right to request the company to en-cash their leave. In other words, they can demand cash compensation if they don’t want to avail leave.

If a worker has put in less than five years of continuous service with a company, he is entitled to three weeks of leave every year.

If his service duration is more than five years, he is eligible to get four weeks of leave each year.

And, importantly, if a fixed period job contract exceeds that period it automatically becomes an open contract or one that is not unlimited period.

For instance, if a job contract is signed for two years but the period of two years is over, the contract becomes an open one or one whose duration is not fixed or unlimited.

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