Cybercrime lands schoolboy in prison

October 17, 2010 - 12:17:27 am

DOHA: Qatar’s cybercrime cell has cracked a case involving a secondary school student who hacked into one of his schoolmates’ email account and forwarded an obscene photograph from the same. He also changed the password for the account.

When the victim came to know of the incident he filed a police complaint.

The matter was referred to the cybercrime cell and its sleuths cracked the case in no time. The culprit was arrested and referred for legal action.

The court heard the case and sentenced the teenaged boy to one year in jail and fined him QR10,000.

Attorney-General (First) Ibrahim Abdullah Al Kubaisi gave details of the offence to reporters at a news conference here yesterday, Qatar News Agency reported.

Saud Abdullah Al Shafi, from the Attorney-General’s Doha West office, attended the briefing. He said that a lot of cybercrimes were taking place in the country.

Many cybercrime cases were being heard in Qatari courts, he added. “But we are in a position to effectively crack all such offences and bring the culprits to book in active coordination with the Ministry of Interior,” he said.

“So we hope that the rate of such crimes would come down substantially in the country in the near future,” added Al Shafi.

According to Al Kubaisi, the news conference was held to raise awareness, particularly among students and youngsters, so that they do not indulge in such offences.

“We assure you that we can crack a cybercrime immediately after it is committed, so people would do better to abstain,” said the official. He added that the law provided for three years’ prison term for the offenders in such cases.

“We are citing the example of the secondary school student to tell one and all that no one who commits a cybercrime in the country can go unpunished,” he said.

The officials urged Internet users to use strong passwords so that it was difficult for hackers to commit cybercrimes.