Katara Beach: A haven for water sports lovers

February 12, 2011 - 11:37:32 pm

By Fazeena Saleem

DOHA: The new Katara beach in the Cultural Village is now open for the public which promises lots of activities and excitements including some that were introduced to the country for the first time.

The 2.5km beach, divided into cores, has all facilities with motorised, non-motorised activities and lessons for visitors.

The beautiful white sandy Katara beach also has a variety of activities that can be enjoyed by any visitor. The most famous activity at Katara’s beach is marine sports.

Boat para-sailing is one of those exciting activities introduced at the Katara beach. Visitors will be taken on a boat ride to the middle of the sea with safety measures in place. Hinging the body under an airborne parasail, tethered to a speed boat and the view of the panoramic coast, will be an exciting experience.

The smooth boat ride and the lift to the air by experts at the Katara beach makes the trip easy and comfortable.

Apart form parasailing there are 12 motorised activities and five non-motorised activities along with wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing and skiing lessons. To enter the beach one can become a one day member by paying QR100 or by becoming a six month or one year member by paying an annual membership fee. Separate rates are available for single people, couples and families.

“Once you enter you will have access to the beds and playing football, volleyball and swimming is free. You can swim only in the swimming zone, it’s all protected. We have 20 life guards on duty during the weekend and about 15 during the weekdays,” said Antonio Cross, General Supervisor Beach Activity at the Katara beach.

“One has to pay extra for the water sports, which varies from activity to activity and the duration. But this month we have 50 percent discount on everything,” he said.

The Katara beach facility has one parasailing boat and two small boats for activities like twang and banana ride. It has about 800 umbrellas and beds, which will be increased when the family beach is set up soon. The premises will be open everyday from 9am until the sun sets.

There are also separate changing rooms and showers for males and females.

David Cooks, an English traveller at the Karat beach, said: “This is my first visit to the beach and this is a very nice beach, but it’s a bit expensive for a person like me who wants to spend a short time.”

Marie Dewever, a Brazil resident had invited her son’s friends to celebrate his birthday at the Katara beach, said: “It’s a very nice and clean beach and we don’t have to drive out of the city. Though, I feel its a little expensive for the adults.”

Appropriate swimming suites must be worn using any of the beach facilities. Revealing or inappropriate clothing will not be accepted on any of the Katara Beach facilities.

Children should be above 6 to use any water sport activity but except for a boat ride

Photographs and video taking is strictly prohibited on the Katara Beach, as well as playing loud music. Though companies and families can book one area of beach for events such as a get- togethers with all water activities and beach games.

Parents will be responsible at all times for the safety of their children. All children below 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 17 or above.

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