Congressman pulls support for Libya rebels

June 10, 2011 - 1:30:10 am

By Fazeena Saleem

DOHA: Dana Rohrabacher, a US Congressman and strong supporter of the Libyan people’s uprising, announced his withdrawal of support to the revolutionaries yesterday in Doha.

The author of the resolution which reinforces US support for the Libyan people’s uprising, Rohrabacher announced his decision as a result of Libyan revolutionaries not agreeing to repay US for the expenses in helping them attain freedom.

“Being a senior member of foreign affairs committee and being the author of the resolution to support the uprising, it is disappointing that I’m withdrawing my support for the Libyan resistance movement,” said Rohrabache, speaking at a press conference.

Rohrabache and a group of six Congressmen were in Qatar yesterday on their way to Iraq

from Libya.

“Someone like me has taken this position in the House of Representatives and their unwillingness to make a commitment to us will probably be an important role in the Congress support (to Libya),” he said.

“This lack of gratitude is shocking; this is not a good thing for their course.”

Rohrabache explained that once Libya is freed from the corruption of Muammar Gaddafi the country will also become

very rich.

“The United States right now is going broke, we are spending one and half trillion dollars every year for the last three years more than what we are taking in. This means that we are on the edge of a major economic crisis now. And it’s not right for us to borrow money from china or anywhere to give it to the people of Libya to help them when they want freedom,” he said.

“The compromise that I have been trying to work out is that the Libyan revolutionaries agree that once they win their freedom they would repay the US for the expenses in helping them in their freedom. I think it’s a reasonable request,” Rohrabache said.

The revolutionaries have not made any commitment to return the expenses by the US on Libya as it could be used by Muammar Gaddafi as propaganda against the rebels.

On March 19, a multi-state coalition began a military intervention in Libya. And on March 30, Congressman Rohrabacher, Republican from California, submitted H Res 188 to the 1st session of the 112th Congress ‘Expressing the Sense of the House of Representatives regarding the regime of Gaddafi.

The resolution reinforces its support for the Libyan people’s uprising and the deligitimisation of Gaddafi, a ‘man who seized power by force and has ruled by force ever since as “an enemy to the United States and threat to international security.’

The resolution states that Gaddafi no longer leads the legitimate government of Libya and the “Transitional National Council” should be considered the legitimate representative of the Libyan people and nation.

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