Qaradawi urges Syrian troops to join protesters

January 07, 2012 - 11:31:22 pm

DOHA: Dr Yousuf Al Qaradawi, Head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, called on the troops of Syrian National Army to join anti-government rebels.

According to the Islamic tenets it is forbidden to shoot down innocent people who just want to free the country from a brutal regime, the cleric said delivering the sermon before Friday prayers at Omar bin Al Khattab mosque.

He asked the Syrian troops to join the ‘free army’ which was formed recently after defecting from the national army. “I do call you (national troops) to join the free army only for God sake, if you want the welfare of your people and intend to go to paradise after death please join the free army,” urged the cleric.

People have the right to choose their rulers of their free will, the ruling families have no place in the democratic countries, it must give up the power and leave, said Al Qaradawi.

Syrian people did not get their salaries for ten months, they are hungry. They need foods. More than 6,000 protesters have been killed or injured in the deadly crackdowns by the security forces and army, since the beginning of the revolution, said Al Qaradawi.

I urge the officials and soldiers of Syrian Army to flee the army in bulk after making consensus with each other, said Al Qaradawi. In this way, you could empower yourselves to overthrow the regime and make your victory, suggested the cleric.

He asked the protesters to stage the peaceful demonstrations throughout the country. And he urged the monitoring team of Arab League to meet with the unarmed protesters who are using their tongues as their only weapon to enchant anti regime slogan “Go Bashar Go”.

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