Al Gannas training camp tomorrow

February 20, 2012 - 10:50:55 pm


Qatari children taking part in the first edition of Al Gannas camp.

DOHA: For the second time, the Al Gannas Association has announced the launch of a training camp for young Qataris tomorrow aimed at deepening their appreciation of their cultural heritage and values.

Announcing the event yesterday, Nasser Ali bin Ghanim Al Maadheed, chairman of Al Gannas Association, said they are organising activities on falconry for young people promote the Qatari heritage and deepen Islamic values through a training camp called Al Gannas Culture and Educational Values Camp.

“The camp is aimed at training them on appreciating the heritage from our forefathers. They will be taught how to live in the desert environment, ride horses and camels and falconry in an atmosphere detached from the comforts of modern life,” he said.

Abdulaziz Abdularhim, director of activities at Al Gannas Association, said the training camp is held for the second time and is catered to Qatari boys aged 10 to 15 years. “We have made all necessary preparations for the camp providing all needed facilities and taking into account utmost safety to guarantee success,” he said.

The camp comprises six tents, bathrooms besides kitchens and stable for the horses and camels.

This camp gives young Arabs an opportunity to practice falconry and experience living life in the desert, which Al Gannas society considers vital in upholding culture and heritage in support of future generations. Among the objectives of the event are to promote spiritual values of the young teaching them religious rituals and memorising the Holy Quran, developing hospitality and leadership skills to enhance self confidence and responsibility.

Besides falconry and camel and horse riding, the camp will also provide sessions on pitching tents, preparing Arabic coffee and knowing direction at night through the stars.

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