Alarm devices help nab shoplifters: Salesmen

February 20, 2012 - 11:18:37 pm

DOHA: Although alarm devices and surveillance cameras fitted all over in big shopping outlets prevent thefts to a large extent, stealing nevertheless takes place causing huge losses to these businesses.

Shoplifters succeed in defeating surveillance devices since they quite swiftly slip stolen items into their handbags or into their pockets. The stolen items are usually small but cause huge losses to shopping outlets and according to market sources, the shoplifters are not low-income people or criminals, local Arabic daily Al Raya reported yesterday.

Salespersons of several major outlets say with alarm devices and surveillance cameras, 90 percent of theft attempts are curbed and that these are quite useful.

Shopping outlets are quite prone to thefts with thousands of people from various nationalities visiting them every day.

A saleswoman at a garments shop said some women customers occasionally try to remove the alarm devices fixed on a garment and wear it during trial.

Mahdy  Hashim, assistant manager at a jewellery shop, however, said that theft cases had come down considerably due to the advancement of surveillance techniques. “But you can never ever prevent thefts 100 percent,” he added.

Mohammed Al Abdullah, another jewellery shop manager, narrated an incident in which two women tried to steal some  jewellery items worth QR30,000  by slipping them  inside their Abayas, but their action was captured by surveillance cameras and they were caught.

“They returned the stolen jewellery and we drove them out, but didn’t inform the police as that would harm our reputation,” he said. The Peninsula