NU-Q gets hi-tech media installation at new building

March 18, 2012 - 1:10:57 am

DOHA: The Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) within its new Education City building will encounter visitors  with a  high-tech, interactive media installation which will  trace the past, present and future of communication, media and journalism.

The new installation, being designed by world-renowned museum architect and designer Ralph Appelbaum, will connect lessons from global communication with recent developments in Qatar and the Middle East.

A recent consultative conference at NU-Q convened leading historians, media scholars and professionals as well as prominent architects and designers to discuss the content of this project.  

The goal, according to NU-Q dean and CEO Everette E Dennis was “to imagine the range and scope of topics, issues and concerns that capture regional media developments - drawing on the latest research evidence and informed by input from the world’s most knowledgeable experts.”

Rami G. Khouri, a prominent Middle Eastern columnist and research centre director at the American University of Beirut who also serves on the NU-Q Board, delivered a key presentation that assessed the role of the Arab Awakenings and suggested how they might be treated in the new exhibition space. In another major presentation, designer Ralph Appelbaum – whose masterworks include the Newseum and US Holocaust Memorial, both in Washington DC – revealed the technological and creative stimuli for the installation’s design.

“This space offers an extraordinary story that’s never been told. It will showcase the legacy of journalism and communications in the Arab world,” said Applebaum, in his discussion of the vision for the gateway to Northwestern’s new home.

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