Career Fair to start grading firms

April 05, 2012 - 1:46:03 am


Erhama Al Kaabi, Employee Development and Welfare Group Manager of RasGas, making a presentation at the Career Fair.

DOHA: The Qatar Career Fair will introduce new provisions for the exhibitors from next year, say officials. The annual recruitment event will implement strict rules for the exhibitors to submit details about their recruitments, training and development programmes, said Abdullah Al Mansoori, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Career Fair.

“The participating companies will be graded according to their performances in the final report made on the results of the Career Fair,” he said to an Arabic daily.

Many Qatari women visited the Qatar Career Fair (QCF) yesterday seeking the opportunity to step up their job search efforts with the participating companies. Also the event held many workshops for the students.

Groups of girls from high schools participated in the career fair. Many students were keen to find out about educational programmes that would help them gain the necessary skills to meet the market’s expanding needs.

A lecture ‘The Career Development and Entrepreneurship: challenges, prospects, and roles’ was given by Dr JoAnn Harris - Bowlsbey, one of the most prominent researchers and lecturers in the field of career development and guidance, and Dr Phil Harrington, President of Kuder, the American leader in the field of Career development and evaluation. The lecture shed light upon the major challenges facing workers of both genders in the field of career development; and provided examples of best experiences, practices, challenges and emerging trends.

Qatar Foundation

Many female applicants visited the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) stand to learn more about educational and training opportunities.

Their career ambitions may have differed, but women of all ages were united in their praise for Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, an inspirational role model who has campaigned tirelessly for their educational and social advancement. “Qatari women can do practically anything. from starting their own business to pursuing a specific field of interest. Sheikha Moza is a positive example for all of us,” said 22-year-old Fatima Al Khuzaei, who has a diploma in banking from College of the North Atlantic in Qatar.


The Energy and Industry (E&I) sector in Qatar offers a challenging work atmosphere conducive for young Qataris, said Erhama Al Kaabi, Employee Development and Welfare Group Manager of RasGas Company Limited.

He was giving a presentation at the Qatar National Career Fair 2012 on the job challenges in the E&I sector of the country.

“The Energy sector, especially the liquefied natural gas (LNG), is the wealth of the country and it has played a vital role in providing Qatar the place it is enjoying in the world scenario today,” he said.

Barwa Bank

The Barwa Bank Group at the Qatar Career Fair 2012 has received a lot of interest from Qatari youth, including high school students, university students, graduates as well as experienced professionals.

Steve Troop, CEO, Bawa Bank said, “The QCF offers us a great opportunity to engage with Qatari youth. As a fast-growing business, we are keen to attract Qatari talent interested in building a long-term career with Barwa Bank. We are committed to nurturing and supporting local talent through training, and professional development to create a talent pool of young bankers.” Fawziya Falamarzi, Acting Head of HR, Barwa Bank Group along with other Barwa Bank Group representatives are present at the stand to greet all visitors, offer career advice, provide job application forms and training guidance.


The Supreme Council of Health has appointed a special committee to guide and assist their visitors at the Qatar Career Fair. The council which has 120 vacancies at different departments is expecting to attract fresh university graduates, who could meet their requirements to pursue a career with the Supreme Council of Health.

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered will use the opportunity to identify prospective Qatari National talent for various business functions within the Bank.

“Standard Chartered continuously participates at career exhibitions in the country as we believe they are an ideal platform for us to identify Qatari National talent. Standard Chartered has adopted an ambitious Qatarisation strategy which focuses on attracting, training and retaining talented Qatari Nationals. Our participation at this exhibition is in line with our aspiration to be the employer of choice around the world in general and in Qatar in particular,” said Aysha Al Shriem, Head of Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank.


The Qatargas pavilion at the Career Fair is being manned by representatives of various Qatargas departments, led by Human Resources and Learning and Development. Job seekers could submit their CV’s or upload them online at the stand. The Recruitment section will be looking for university graduates in various disciplines for potential job opportunities at Qatargas.

“The Qatar Career Fair provides us an excellent opportunity to showcase the outstanding employment and career development opportunities available at the world’s largest LNG producing company, Qatargas, and engage with young nationals who are preparing to embark on their careers. Our presence at this Fair is part of our Qatarization strategy, enabling us to meet and recruit qualified Qatari nationals in line with our commitment to ensuring Qatari participation in all areas of our company, contributing to our vision of becoming the world’s Premier LNG company by 2015,” said Ghanim Al Kuwari, Chief Operating Officer, Administration, Qatargas.


QNB’s stand at the Career Fair provides hand on advice by an experienced team of Human Capital representatives, who can advise potential recruits on the details of current job opportunities. A free QNB career guide is also available for all visitors to their pavilion.

QNB being committed in promoting efficient participation of citizens in the process of building and developing Qatar’s economy the Qatarization ratio at the bank is the highest in the banking sector and currently exceeds 50 percent, with 59 percent of its executive management, 44 percent of senior management and 31 percent of the Bank’s administrative functions including Qatari employees. The ratio of Qatari Branch Managers at the Bank is now 80 percent. At Qatar Career Fair 2012, QNB is focusing on fresh graduates who will receive dedicated training programs to prepare them for potential leadership positions in the future. The Bank further assists its national employees by allowing them to pursue higher studies at local and overseas universities in addition to its fully comprehensive training programmes.

Social Development Centre

Demonstrating its commitment to the development of human capital in Qatar, the Social Development Center (SDC), member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, is raising awareness about seven of its key training and professional development programs at the Qatar Career Fair (QCF) this year.  Over the course of the fair, area specialists from the seven different programmes, including First Step, Tanmia, Rasameel Funda, Reyada Entrepreneurship Award, Career Counseling, SDC Volunteering Program, and Tajmeel, will be available to equip job and internship seekers with expert career counsel, as well as educate them on the benefits of SDC’s various training and professional development programmes.

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