NU-Q reaches out to local high schools

April 23, 2010 - 9:27:46 pm
DOHA: The Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) recently organised a dinner for media teachers at the W Hotel as part of its outreach efforts to local high schools.

The university hosted 10 high school educators who teach journalism, film, and media studies in schools including Qatar Academy, American School of Doha, Qatar International School, Doha College and the Gulf English School.

The event was an opportunity for NU-Q faculty to mix with local teachers and discuss future partnerships with schools, including a summer programme, professional development for teachers and topics for future NU-Q “Discovery” workshops for high school students. In addition, the meeting helped to connect the teachers with one another as a way of encouraging inter-school partnerships.

“As part of its outreach to various parts of the community, NU-Q is committed to establishing close ties with high school teachers. The vast majority of NU-Q students come to us from local high schools. The teachers at those schools are important partners in providing prospective students with the preparation that will enable those students to thrive at NU-Q,” said John Margolis, dean of NU-Q.    

“We hope that events like this will contribute to the enhancement of secondary education in Qatar in the important fields of communication, media, and journalism,” he said.

According to NU-Q’s outreach coordinator, Emily Wilson, the event builds on the university’s ongoing commitment to developing relationships with local high schools. “We have identified several schools that we will continue building relationships with – whether that is through school visits, workshops, professional development for teachers, or gatherings such as the one we hosted at the W Hotel,” she said.

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