Turks’ heroic resistance to July 15 coup attempt

 18 Jul 2017 - 15:34

Turkey’s first independence war was when Turkish people had fought against their enemies at the end of World War Two after when Sevres Treaty, a catastrophe that divided Turkish territories among allied forces, was signed. Not bearing the results of the treaty, Turks staged an independence war against British, French, Italian and Greek forces and could force them to withdraw from remnant soils of Ottoman Empire.

July 15 coup was no different than first independence war except that Turkey was not occupied but about to be. Having been infiltraring its members into state apparatus for last 40 years, FETO (Fetullahist Terrorist Organisation) attempted a villainous coup aiming to control the whole country.

If putschists had become successful at that night PKK, ISIS and YPG would enter from Iraq and Syria to invade border cities. In addition, some western countries would send their forces to Turkey with the excuse that their citizens were in danger.  This scenario was confessed by some surrendered PKK militants who said their commanders told them not to fight with Turkish army so that the coup could be successful.

When soldiers linked to FETO began to rush into critical buildings of the government and closed Bogazici bridge of Istanbul in the evening of July 15, nobody understood what was going on.

Many people thought that the army was taking precautions against a likely terrorist attack. However, it was soon understood that a military coup was taking place. Some people immediately took streets and asked soldiers to return back to their barracks. Aftermath, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim contacted a  TV channel and said what was happening was an uprising staged by a group inside the army. Yildirim’s words made it clear that it was a coup attempt whose perpetrator was FETO.

Almost half an hour later, President Erdogan connected to CNNTurk TV via Facetime and asked people to pour into streets and resist against putschists. It was shocking moment for FETO since they thought Erdogan was killed by FETO soldiers in Marmaris town.  People started to struggle with putschists till morning after Erdogan’s call. It took a few hours to get the control of the state by obidient forces though fighting continued next day.

For sure FETO was not alone in its attempt. We have learnt from leaked emails and confessions that UAE had supported the coup fiscally. Needless to say that USA also backed the coup. Because none in the World can attempt to overthrow a government since they need America’s approval for legitimacy.

Fetullah Gulen is living in Pennsylvania and US government did not even send Turkey’s documents proving that FETO was the main perpetrator to Department of Justice.
In addition, they did not condemn coup attempt until Turkish government defeated putschists. Generally, western countries were unhappy with the result. You can’t find news in western media that praises heroic resistance of Turkish people. They only wrote stories of those attempted the coup and FETO members discharged from state posts.

Turkey will remember July 15 of 2016 as a day of trauma and pride for some more time. When the pain is over, only heroic feelings will be dominant in minds. We hope pro-coup groups have understood Turkey won’t be brought to their terms with violence.

As for Turkish government, what it should do is to get rid of all malicious individuals and groups hidden inside the state. Therefore, state of emergency should continue until all tumors, particularly those of FETO, are removed from the state.

The author is a columnist at Yeni Akit newspaper based in Istanbul. You can contact him via email ([email protected]) or Twitter (@bekiroglu1)