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Labour law and changes in sponsorship rules

February 23, 2011 - 10:21:06 pm

Under the title ‘Sponsorship System - Consequences and Solutions’ Qatar University organized a workshop in which the academics spoke about the conditions of expatriate workers in Qatar and presented suggestions regarding the transfer of sponsorship of the residents of the State. A number of people who were interested in the Labour Law and the law of sponsorship attended the programme. The speakers stressed that the sponsorship system made labourers subject to compulsory work and highlighted the need for the Labour Law to fit with the international standards, whereas the participants pointed out the existence of a gap between the Labour Law and Sponsorship Act. It stated the necessary administrative supervision for the implementation of the laws on the ground is weak and this affects the rights of migrant workers and refers it to the justice of the sponsor, his personal nature. The participants reminded that the Labour Law overlooked some details of the rights of workers, especially regarding the issue of determining the level of wages and housing.