February 20, 2012 - 8:48:35 pm


Doha Dates

q    Olympic Games: Friday October 2 – Sunday October 18

q    Paralympic Games: Wednesday November 4 – Sunday November 15

Qatar Location

q    Population expected to almost double to 3 million by 2020

q    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will be over 700 million people by 2020

q    Doha is within six hours flying time for over 2.5 billion potential spectators

q    Live prime time broadcasting to 3 billion people across Europe, Africa and Asia

Qatar Sports Hosting Experience & Upcoming Events

q    2012: 20th anniversary of the ATP Qatar Open

q    2012: 15th edition of the European Tour event, Qatar Masters

q    2012: 15th edition of the IAAF Diamond League

q    2012: 10th anniversary of the WTA Qatar Ladies Open

q   2012: 10th edition of the Tour of Qatar cycling race

q    2015: World Handball Championships

q    2022: FIFA World Cup™

Doha 2020 Games Concept

q    32 competition sites

q    10 celebration sites

q    No additional permanent venues need to be built for the Games

q    35 percent of sports venues exist

q    56 percent of sports venues are planned and already budgeted for

q    Existing venues will host 14 out of 28 sports – equates to 167 of 306 Games programme events

q    9 percent of sports venues will be temporary

q    88 percent of competition venues and most training venues located within compact clusters or precincts

q    Average travel time for athletes and media from the Games Centre (including Athletes Village and Main Media Centre) to all competition venues is 21 minutes covering an average distance of 16km – these will become even better with planned transport improvements

5 Sports Zones

q    Games Centre – Qatar University (including Athletes Village and Main Media Centre)

q    Doha Olympic Park Zone (with opening and closing ceremonies)

q    Aspire Zone (including Athletics Stadium)

q    Education City Zone

q    Water Park Zone

Games Centre – Qatar University, home to

q    Athletes Village and training facilities

q    Media Village with 2,400 beds

q    Main Media Centre (including the Main Press Centre and International Broadcast Centre)

q    Olympic Games Centre is within a 15km radius of 92 percent of all competition and non-competition venues


q    Excluding additional accommodation and the nine cruise liner berths planned for Doha Port, there will be 60,000 rooms, both existing and planned, across a broad range of hotels and apartments

q    Of Doha’s hotel and serviced apartments, more than 50,000 will be within 15km of the majority of Games venues

Qatar Transport

q    Total investment in road infrastructure will be $30bn – already budgeted and planned as part of National Vision 2030

q    $21bn to be spent on new metro as part of 2030 National Vision

q    78 percent of competition venues will be linked by the metro

q    New Doha International Airport (NDIA)

1st phase open and operational by the end of 2012

initial capacity of 4,800 incoming/ outgoing passengers per hour rising to 6,400 passengers per hour by 2017

q    Total throughput per year will be 50 million passengers per year

q    NDIA is located 28km from the Olympic Village

q    Qatar Airways, the national flag carrier, connects Doha to 115 international destinations with nine additional routes to be added in 2012

Medical and Doping

q    In 2007 the UN’s World Health Organization noted “the quality of healthcare in Qatar is high”

q    The region’s first anti-doping laboratory will open in 2012 with it to be fully accredited no later than the end of 2014


q    The Global Peace Index (GPI) report of 2011 ranked Qatar as one of the most peaceful countries in the world ahead of acknowledged havens such as Switzerland and Singapore

Technology and Energy

q    By 2015 a government built Qatar National Broadband Network (Q.NBN) will ensure full connectivity at all competition and non-competition venues

q    Qatar’s four major generating plants ensures even energy distribution throughout the country and allows Qatar to supply Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) neighbours – energy supply during periods of high demand, such as the Games, can be ensured