Birla Public School receives Eco School Award

 01 Feb 2017 - 12:07

Birla Public School receives Eco School Award

The Peninsula

Birlasphere, the eco club of Birla Public School, members received the Eco School award 2016, for their year long project Swachchta Abhiyaan - Cleanliness Mission.

Eco-School programme is an initiative of Doha Bank as part of its corporate social responsibility towards environmental consideration. 

The in-charge of Eco Club, Rakesh Verma, along with members of the project committee were awarded certificates along with the Trophy. The members are Nikhil Kaleb, Aravind Kannan, Inderpaal Singh, Sifarath Parakot, Mukesh, Syed Multazim and Niranjan. The school principal and vice-principal felicitated them on this achievement. The theme of the project was ‘Cleanliness Mission’ which promoted the concept of 3 R’s : Reduce, Rescue & Recycle.  The eco club members took pledges. 

Not to buy things they don’t need or items that come in wasteful packaging or that cannot be recycled. To reuse and recycle whatever they can. 

Some ways to reduce the environmental damage caused by cars include carpooling with friends, walking, taking the bus, or riding our bike instead of driving. They agreed that wastage of paper can be reduced by using a computer!