QNB Group holds human resources conference for international staff

 01 Jun 2016 - 0:00

QNB Group holds human resources  conference for international staff
QNB Group holds human resources conference for international staff



DOHA: QNB has recently convened a gathering of its international Human Resources officials to a special conference held at its offices at Al Mathaf Tower in Doha as part of its commitment toward the fulfillment of its vision to become a Middle East and Africa icon by 2017.
The purpose of the event was to discuss innovative and relevant best practice Human Capital solutions across a range of relevant subject matters.
Attending the one-day conference were senior QNB Human Resources professionals in Doha, in addition to seniors from across the Group’s international network.
A key component of the conference was the discussion focused on Talent Management.
 As both a leading “Employer of Choice” and the biggest bank in Qatar, it is important that QNB has a coordinated and quality performance approach toward retaining and attracting top talent in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. The conference discussed this matter in great detail and HR professionals from across the QNBGroup agreed that the subject of career development remains an essential deliverable for QNB Human Resources.
Commenting upon the success of the Conference, General Manager - Group Human Capital Yousef Al-Othman said: “Given the expanding International footprint of the QNB Group, and as our Group nears the achievement of its 2017 vision, it remains essential that the important subjects of Talent Management and Career Development continue to be the prime focus of our Human Capital strategy. This Conference is an important step in developing a quality and consistent approach to these matters, and we are delighted to have hosted such an important International HR gathering here in Doha.”

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