'Find Your Treasure' contest begins at Katara tomorrow

 01 Jun 2017 - 0:00

'Find Your Treasure' contest begins at Katara tomorrow
Children taking part in one of the competitions at Katara Ramadan Festival.

The Peninsula

‘Find Your Treasure Competition’ kicks off tomorrow at Katara as one of the contests organised for this year’s Ramadan Festival under the theme ‘Hospitality in Various Muslim Nations.’
Taking place every Friday evening after Tarawih prayer, treasure hunt has been one of the famous competitions in Katara held in recent years.
According to the details provided by competition organisers, participants are asked to look for 10 hidden treasure boxes by referring to the clues provided on a treasure hunt map.
A new map will be distributed every Thursday along with the newspapers, and it will also be published through Katara’s website and social media platforms. Following the treasure hunt, contestants will be asked to head towards the competition kiosk, located in Meerat Ramadan at Katara’s southern area, with the treasure box, to find out whether they’re one of the lucky winners. Three winners will be announced every week, each of whom will receive QR2,000, among other prizes.
Besides the competitions, Katara’s Ramadan Festival will continue its diverse array of activities at various locations across Katara’s premises. For instance, in Katara’s southern area, which houses buildings and mosques, eight pavilions showcasing the rituals of the holy month of Ramadan in various countries have been set up.
Visitors to the exhibition can identify major mosques and tourist attractions in each 'country', as well as food items and beverages popular during the Holy month of Ramadan. Additionally, the display offers historical and geographical information about the featured countries, lending meaning to the universality of Ramadan.
Also, visitors are able to read more information on the history of Islamic conquests and the impact of Islamic civilisation in many of these countries, through a beautiful display of paintings on the topic. The designs of these pavilions have been kept simple on purpose to evoke the spirit of Ramadan.