QIC redesigns insurance distribution channels

 01 Sep 2015 - 15:10

QIC redesigns insurance distribution channels
Ali Al Fadala

DOHA: The long-standing perception of the insurance industry as being conservative and less is undergoing transformation. As more customers are shifting towards purchasing products and managing their personal finances online or through their smartphones, Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) too has upgraded its core IT system to an integrated, multichannel communications platform that not only attracts, acquires and caters to customers’ needs, but also ensures customer retention. Customers are able to purchase, manage and renew their personal insurances with QIC online through the integrated IT solution.

Senior Deputy Group President & CEO of QIC Group, Ali Fadala said: “It’s all about enhancing our interaction with our customers. By focusing more on expanding our digital platforms via online, smartphones, Automated Insurance Machines (AIMS), call centers and Apps, we have enhanced our responsiveness to our customers’ needs. Not only does this help increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty, but it also ensures customer retention. Most customers nowadays expect the convenience and agility to buy/renew insurance or file a claim from anywhere, at any time!”

By streamlining business processes, insurers are leveraging technology to facilitate multichannel online transactions-whether it is for real time quick quotes, automated approvals, or filing claims, all can be achieved seamlessly, just at the click of a button.

The growing demand for online transactions have opened a plethora of opportunities not just while marketing insurance solutions but through the entire life cycle of insurance products - right from design, to the various levels of real-time quick quotes, to purchase, to pay on delivery, to filing claims.

Fadala adds, “A digital platform with a customer-centric focus enables us to function with greater efficiency in an interactive, on-demand, structured basis. This year alone, we’ve registered more than 40,000 online transactions through our online universe QIC Online, which is statement of our growing customer base.”

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