Olive school hosts interactive session with space expert

 02 Feb 2016 - 11:36

Olive school hosts interactive session with space expert
A student asking a question to Dr G Madhavan Nair (inset).


Doha: An interactive session on Science and Society was conducted by Dr G Madhavan Nair, former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation and Secretary to State for the Department of Space at Olive International School, Nuaija. The session was for a selected audience of students, young scientists, teachers and parents. It was attended by students from various schools in Qatar.
Dr Madhavan Nair spoke at length about his vision about education system in general and space missions. He said that in the present Indian system, schools are like factories, producing machines rather than focusing on developing student’s talents. He reiterated that we need to nurture analytical, thinking and communication skills in students to make them pursue research and be innovative.
Dr Nair mentioned that the ancient ‘gurukulam’ education system in India was the best method of education, where students learn by doing and practising what teacher does. Later on, as part of the colonialism the education system’s focus was shifted to creating people with English skills for office works.
He added that the mission of teachers is to make students more than ten times skilled and capable than themselves. The young generation is more talented than the old and needs to be nurtured in effective manner to be effectively tap the talents.
Dr Nair called for creating innovation labs at every schools and free access to labs for students to innovate and try whatever they would like to. He reiterated that the failures of students also needs to be appreciated, not just success. According to him failures are stepping stone to new inventions.
He paid tribute to his mentors and teachers Dr Vikram Sarabhai and Dr Abdul Kalam.
Dr Nair recalled the space missions conducted under his supervision and works and specially the first moon mission of India, Chandrayan, and the efforts went behind the project. During his tenure, the space mission’s focus was on building capabilities and support systems for common man for the benefit of society in general. Telemedicine, tele-education, etc was some of the projects.
Principal of Olive International School A J George welcomed the audience and Juttas Paul gave the introductory speech. Biju John and. Shalini Rawat also spoke during the occasion. The session was very interactive where most of the students, teachers and parents present asked multiple questions about different aspects of space science, space projects, research opportunities etc.

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