Qatari girls take part in ‘Tamim Al Majd week’

 02 Aug 2017 - 1:52

Qatari girls take part in ‘Tamim Al Majd week’
A girl with a ‘Tamim Al Majd’ image during the summer festival special ‘Tamim Al Majd Week’ at Girls Creativity Center, yesterday. Pic: Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

Young Qatari girls made an exceptional mozaic art formation of ‘Tamim Al Majid’ image during the ‘Tamim Al Majd week’ at the summer festival at Girls Creativity Center.
This week had a number of workshops to recreate the iconic ‘Tamim Al Majd’ image to express affection towards Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Workshop included mozaic art formation, Ebru art paintings, on recycled paper, Picasso style painting and clay formation.
Sawsan Al Shaar, pottery teacher at the Girls Creativity Center, told The Peninsula that the experience students got in the past few days was very exciting.
“I have conducted many workshops during ‘Summer Festival’ but all my local students loved the special ‘Tamim Al Majd’ week. They expressed their fondness towards their country with beautiful drawing on the clay.”
“This week we are learning to make miniatures of the Qatari traditional jewellery such as Al Mahzam (waist belt), Batoola (eye mask), Tasa (hair assessor) and many more,” she added.


A mozaic art formation created by young students at the summer festival at Girls Creativity Center. Pic: Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula


Shiekha Essa Al Ghanim, a student at Doha Academy, participating in the week said: “To expressing my love and loyalty with H H the Emir, I drew the famous icon on clay. We also went to W Hotel to meet Ahmed Al Maadheed and saw the original painting. This experience was heart warming because of this was the best way to articulate our love towards our country.”
Four young Qatari girls with their teacher are making an effort to create mozaic art formation of the icon with tiles pieces in the ongoing summer festival.
“First we made the iconic sketch of Tamim Al Majd on a piece of wood then we painted it. Now by the use of coloured glass mirror tiles, mosaic glass cutter, compound nipper hard-tile cutting tool and glue we have managed to make our piece of art. We are waiting to complete this and display it in our up-coming art showcase,” said one of the students working on the project.



Ebru art class was a new experience for all the students. Students created colourful paintings with the technique of Ebru art and placed the icon creatively at the centre.
Anfal Kahlil Al Ahmed, local student at Qatar Aeronautical College, said: “Ebru art was a fun-filled experience with my fellow students. We worked hard to create this paintings. The amazing part of it was a unique style painting which I saw earlier during an art exhibition.”
Dr Nadal Al Qaisi, teacher of Ebru art and weaving at Girls Creativity Center, conducted workshops which taught students Ebru art, collage making and weaving wall hangings and table mats. Whereas Aida Saadi Naji, another teacher at the centre taught mozaic art, screen printing and painting with stencils. She said: “Throughout this week, these young Qatari girls have expressed their love and loyalty in very creative ways. Along with the students, I am also eagerly waiting for their display day where we all teachers can collectively appreciate their efforts and hard work.”