Qatar has large stock of building materials

 02 Oct 2017 - 3:51

Qatar has large stock of building materials
Workers at a construction site in Doha.

By Sidi Mohamed / The Peninsula

Qatar has large strategic stock of natural building materials, like rocks and sands, which can last for 48 years and a high percentage of construction materials can be secured from recycling of construction waste, said a senior official at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.
“There is a huge stock of natural building material in an area called ‘Al Saqaa’ and the quantity is enough for 48 years, and Qatar annually uses about 25 million tonnes of gabbro,” the senior official told The Peninsula.
This big stock which is in “Al Saqaa”, which is spreading over 16sqkm, and this area is located at the west of Salwa Road. The Ministry of Municipality and Environment held a lot of research to make use of wastes of construction materials. Only in Rawdat Rasheed area, the waste is estimated at 45million tonnes, he added.
Giving more details about Rawdat Rasheed , he clarified that, “In 2010, a scientific team was established and included government sector, like the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Ashghal and Qatar University, and some private companies which are specialist in this field to study how to benefit from construction wastes in Rawdat Rasheed”.
“The successful study took four years and the team was able to recycle the construction materials for laying roads’ foundations. For trial, we used it for constructing a small road (one km) and we called it “green road”.
Replying to a question on the blockade impact on Qatar in this field, he said that the siege which imposed by the three GCC countries didn’t affect companies working in this field and all projects still going on and there is no shortage in ‘stock of gabbro or limestone material”, he replied.
Earlier , Qatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) said that it has a stock of gabbro, fine sand and limestone material for one year.
Also a number of representatives of companies, importing primary materials in Qatar, discussed options to find new import destinations instead of the three boycotting countries and Oman is one of the countries which has mountains have high quality of building stones.
The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ also announced that there is no shortcut in construction material. Representatives of private companies have already begun contracting with neighboring countries to provide them with their needs of primary construction materials.
The senior official noted that “there is another type of construction building which is call “Al Wadi stones” in Makeens area and estimated by 4.5million tones.
“I want to add that and in my opinion, the stock of materials should not  be used now in case there are some options because it is the right of next generation, also and we don’t have any need to use it now”, he concluded.