beIN holds fourth annual awards ceremony

 02 Nov 2017 - 1:55

beIN holds fourth annual awards ceremony
beIN MEDIA GROUP employees and officials at the event held at the St. Regis Hotel yesterday.

The Peninsula

As part of its annual tradition, beIN MEDIA GROUP celebrated its employees who have spent numerous years contributing to its success.
The GROUP held its fourth annual awards ceremony yesterday at the St. Regis Hotel. Chairman and CEO Nasser Ghanim Al-Khelaifi was in attendance alongside a number of sports and media stars who were honored to share these achievements with their colleagues.
The event was held to celebrate the achievements of beIN’s employees who have spent many years building the prestigious media network. As is the case every year, the success of the event was largely due to the efforts of beIN’s senior management.
The night was highlighted by a variety of key moments, all culminated by Al-Khelaifi’s keynote speech in which he praised beIN’s achievements in the global media industry over the past year.
According to Al-Khelaifi, it is these achievements that led the GROUP to deliver unrivalled coverage in both the worlds of Sports and Entertainment in the MENA region and on a global scale.
Al-Khelaifi also highlighted beIN’s objectives for the upcoming year, which focus on further growth and expansion as part of The GROUP’s effort to maintain its position as a global leader in TV production and broadcast.
Al-Khelaifi concluded his speech by thanking and praising the achievements of The GROUP’s employees for their continuous efforts and service over the years. Furthermore, Al-Khelaifi encouraged them to continue these efforts in order to maintain the success and global leadership of the group.
Mohammed Saadoon Al-Kuwari, who has completed 10 years of service at beIN, then took to stage to speak on behalf of the awardees. Al-Kuwari stressed the fact that achieving The GROUP’s future vision requires a continuous effort to uphold its position as a global leader.
The event concluded with Al-Khelaifi honoring several employees who have spent numerous years at beIN, as well as taking a group picture with them. The audience of sports and media stars praised the smooth organization of the event, and beIN’s appreciation of its employees’ efforts.