Shah Rukh Khan loses his cool after being pranked on Ramadan show

 03 Jun 2017 - 12:08

Shah Rukh Khan loses his cool after being pranked on Ramadan show

The Peninsula Online 

Twitter world in the Middle East was taken by storm following the latest episode of Ramez Underground. Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was the one to be pranked on the Ramadan TV show hosted by Ramez Galal. 

The actor is tricked to visit the sets in Abu Dhabi on the pretext of an interview with popular presenter Neshan. The star is then taken on a desert safari where their vehicle sinks into quicksand. Galal then dressed up as massive lizard heads towards them before revealing himself. 

Though calm and composed on seeing the lizard, the episode shows the actor as gapemouthed when Galal identifies himself. He loses his cool and says, "this is nonsense you got me all the way from India to do this S***." 

While Galal can be seen apologising, SRK loses his cool and asks the host to not talk to him. "The less you speak the better for you," says the actor.  On coming out of the quicksand, the actor rushes towards Galal and tackles him on the sand. 

Galal can be seen continuously apologising and professing his love for the actor while the actor warns him against following him. The actor at the end of the episode can be seen asking, "Is he for real?" while the host sings 'marjaani marjaani' (a SRK-starrer song from Billu Barber) for the star who gets in to his vehicle.     

Meanwhile there are reports that claim that the actor was paid over US$ 500 thousand to get pranked on the show. The show aired on MBC is also expected to feature Lebanese singer and King of Romance Wael Kfoury in this season. 


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After the episode, Ramez Galal yesterday tweeted a behind the scene video with SRK where Galal and the actor asks all his fans to wait for the episode that will be aired on MBC.   

A popular show, Galal has been criticised for the nature of pranks with some even deeming it as cruel. Last year, Galal had taken guests on a choppy helicopter ride where Hollywood actress and socialite Paris Hilton was shown to be at the receiving end.