Media & Communication professors at QU praise The Peninsula's new look

 03 Nov 2016 - 8:28

Media & Communication professors at QU praise The Peninsula's new look

The Peninsula

Pioneer & pace-setter

Dr. Mahmoud M Galander

As a regular early morning reader, I was surprised and impressed by the "new look" of The Peninsula. I have been wondering, for sometime, when newspapers in the region are going to shed the old and cumbersome sizes that have been, for some time, annoying readers, especially in this era of the iPads and mobiles, which are providing handy and comfortable alternatives. Tabloid is not old-fashioned, it is, rather, most suitable for the rhythm of the time; and wise editors are those who respond to the needs of the time.
Congratulations The Peninsula, you are now a pioneer and a pace-setter in the region.

With my best regards
Dr. Mahmoud M Galander
Associate Professor
Acting Head, 
Department of Mass Communication
College of Arts and Sciences, 
Qatar University


Wise move

Dr. Noureddine Miladi

Dear Dr Khalid,
I would like to congratulate you and your team for the excellent new look of The Peninsula newspaper. The fresh appearance, colour coordination and novel layout of the front to back pages make The Peninsula unique in the Arab Gulf region. Its new professional standards also meet international norms such as the Guardian, the Independent and the New York Times. 
Moreover, I appreciate the fact that this new trend comes with an informative content of all kind which enlightens its international readership about news reporting from an Arab perspective.  I trust that this move is a wise and forthright strategy to develop this great media outlet and outreach to even wider global audience.

With best wishes,
Dr. Noureddine Miladi
Associate Professor,
Mass Communication,
Qatar University

Visually pleasing 

Professor Mohamed Kira

Modern publication design has to be inviting, easy to grasp and instantly informative. Design is as important as writing articles or taking photographs. 
It is part of the communication process. Newspaper layout is an important part of print production. It not only makes the newspaper look visually pleasing but also facilitates communication. 
Newspaper design is a creative art, and the possibilities to vary design are endless. Basically, newspaper designers judge the value of a designed spread by looking at it themselves and imagining how readers could perceive it or sense what it feels like.  With its new design and new layout The Peninsula newspaper proves to its readers that it cares about change, creativity and improvement. The new design gives the journal more visibility and easy access to its pages, its different sections and articles. 
Congratulations to The Peninsula on this innovative move and more success and achievements.

Professor Mohamed Kirat
Department of Mass Communication, 
Qatar University