Indonesian cultural festival a huge success

 04 Dec 2017 - 11:00

Indonesian cultural festival a huge success
Artistes at the Wonderful Indonesia festival at Mall of Qatar.

The Peninsula

Indonesia’s Tourism Ministry in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy in Doha and tourism agencies held a three-day Cultural Performance of Wonderful Indonesia Festival at Mall of Qatar.

Indonesian dancers entertained audiences with their exquisite performances, traditional dances, and conventional music at the festival which concluded on Saturday at Mall of Qatar. The audience enjoyed the shows highlighting the culture, natural beauty, and tourism destinations in Indonesia. 

The programme, “Wonderful Indonesia,” was arranged by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to celebrate the recently concluded successful visit of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to Indonesia. 

In his welcome speech at the festival, Indonesian Ambassador Air Marshal (Retd.) Muhammad Basri Sidehabi said, highlighted that the embassy uses the momentum of the Emir’s visit to Indonesia in October to enhance and promote bilateral relations between two countries in terms of social and cultural diplomacy.

The festival showcased a colourful cultural show, traditional dances, and soothing music of bamboo Angklung. Featuring Indonesian cultural and traditional diversity, the festival featured activities such as art and cultural performances, intimate music concert, and workshop. “We are harnessing our power of attractions to spread awareness to the Middle East market with amazing destinations from shopping, nature and mountain exploration, cultural and culinary experience, beaches and water adventure, to city sightseeing,” said Assistant Deputy of Market Development for Europe, Middle East, Africa and America, Ministry to Tourism, Nia Niscaya. 

The festival also promoted Halal tourism in Indonesia. “Speaking of halal tourism, Indonesia is the regular world champion. In 2015, Wonderful Indonesia won three world titles at The World Halal Tourism Award in Abu Dhabi. The following year, the number increased to 12 titles. Lombok, Aceh and West Sumatra are strong in family-friendly tourism,” said Nour Aridi, a travel representative.

According to Embassy official, Boy Dharmawan, the festival was also supported by Puspa Qinarya cultural group and the Angklung (a musical instrument from Indonesia made of a varying number of bamboo tubes) orchestra.

They also showed the traditional contemporary dance that blends dynamic movements, coming from various regions in Indonesia and abroad. The artists comprised Indonesian ladies who are very active and dedicated in preserving and promoting Indonesian culture and art in Qatar. The event also hosted games, movie screenings as well as augmented reality and virtual reality corner.