No need to stock up; necessary steps taken to ensure normal life: Qatar cabinet

 05 Jun 2017 - 16:04

No need to stock up; necessary steps taken to ensure normal life: Qatar cabinet
Photo by Abdul Basit

By Pramod Prabhakaran / The Peninsula Online

Doha: There are many unsubstantiated news circulating on the social media about the current Gulf crisis. There is no need to panic or stock up as all necessary steps have been taken to ensure normal life, a statement said. Import of goods and movement of people will not be affected as all channels of import other than those from the Gulf States, which cut ties with Qatar, will work as before. 

After a news about people hoarding food products went viral, most supermarkets witnessed massive rush. According to various supermarket officials, there is no need for panic as food products in Qatar is sourced from countries around the world – not only from Gulf countries. So there will not be any shortage as there are many supplying countries, which are accessible in a short flight time.

A statement from Qatar cabinet said that “Marine and air spaces will remain open for import and movement.” 

And the cabinet also said that “we took all the necessary precautions to ensure normal life.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in its statement that “these measures taken against the State of Qatar will not affect the normal course of life of the citizens and residents of the State and that the Qatari government will take all necessary measures to ensure this and to thwart attempts to influence and harm the Qatari society and economy.”

There is also another fake news going viral saying that the Ministry of Interior is going to eavesdrop on all communication channels of residents. This is incorrect and there is no official notification on the same. This message keeps popping up whenever there is any crisis or breaking news.