UAE envoy behind Qatar smear campaign

 05 Jun 2017 - 2:18

UAE envoy behind Qatar smear campaign

The Peninsula

Emails released by hackers on Saturday, which they said was the first in a series of messages taken from the inbox of UAE ambassador to the US have revealed a strong relationship between the UAE and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) which is a think-tanks closely allied to Israel.
The mails have also exposed Emirate’s efforts to tarnish the image of Qatar and another GCC state.
Among the revealed documents was a two-day event fully focusing on Qatar scheduled to be held between 11 and 14 June, 2017 in Washington by Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) in collaboration with UAE official experts.
The first day agenda is to host Jonathan Scwanzer, John Hannah and UAE experts while the second day discussion is to share assessment of what they called “Qatar’s troubling regional role".
Under this title they were supposed to discuss “Qatar as permissive jurisdiction for terrorism finance, and support of Islamic organizations including Hamas and Taliban".

Email leaks reveal conspiracy against Qatar

The agenda of the event was to discuss "define Qatar’s role in Egypt, Syria and Libya as destabilising and Al Jazeera as an instrument of instability".
Looking at the content of the leaks and the agenda of the event shows that how far systematic efforts are being carried out through years and mercenary experts who write and say what the buyers of their goods want.
The leaks not only revealed conspiracy against Qatar but also involvement of these powers in the failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016; and the UAE's fight against Islamist movements, particularly Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
One of the senior counsellors at the FDD John Hannah recently wrote Qatar must be top priorities of President Trump “the president would be well-advised to make the tiny emirate of Qatar one of his top priorities”.
Why Qatar being singled out? Simply, it is Israeli interest and agenda which is standing behind the lobbying think-tank to stop supporting the Palestinians under the Israeli sanctions.
Qatari role in this regard is clear which along many regional and international powers is demanding the lifting of Israeli severe sanctions in Gaza strip to support Palestinian people and rebuild what Israeli military aggression have destroyed in many years. So the whole issue is "Hamas" whatever they call or consider it.
Hannah, senior counsellor at FDD also wrote: “Qatar has been Hamas’s principal outside supporter for years, both its most important financier as well as a safe haven for its leadership. In the struggle for the soul of the Palestinian national movement between the US-backed Palestinian Authority and the US-designated terrorist group Hamas, the Qataris have without fail — and, for the most part, without penalty — placed their bets on the violent Islamists in Gaza committed to Israel’s destruction”.
Is it "terrorism" that Qatar is supporting Palestinian people in Gaza strip under Hamas rule? It is not a hidden support and hundreds of houses and public institutions in Gaza have been built by Qatari support. Qatar has nothing to hide as it is reported in different media outlets on daily basis.
In an interview with CNN in September 2014, Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani had told Christiane Amanpour: “I know that in America and some other countries they look at some movements as terrorist movements. In our part of the region, we don’t.”
Another headache for these propaganda mongers is vibrant Al Jazeera network which Hannah considers via which is providing ideological supports to most radical, destabilising, and dangerous forces”. Qatar used to face endless pressures to end Al Jazeera's broadcast for years ago and many regional powers created similar media outlets not to freely compete but to function in parallel way and end its role and popularity among Arabs and non-Arabs and news major news sources in the region.