PWA marks Think Pink event with ‘Each One Reach One’ slogan

 05 Nov 2016 - 13:06

PWA marks Think Pink event with ‘Each One Reach One’ slogan
PWA officials with guests

By Irfan Bukhari / The Peninsula

Doha: Playing its “due role” in the fight against breast cancer, Pakistan Women’s Association (PWA) marked Think Pink event in which medical experts laid stress on the importance of screening to knock down the monster in its nascence.

Stressing on the need for frequent self-examination and screening, Dr Shaheen Manzur, gynecologist from Dukhan Medical Centre said that early detection of disease was the best way to cure cancer like “nipping the evil in the bud”. Dr Manzur asked the participants to adopt “Each One - Reach One” approach to educate women on breast cancer and importance of screening. She said the survival rates in breast cancer had showed marked improvement after screening was introduced.

She appreciated the role of the government of Qatar in general, and the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation in particular in arresting the deadly disease advising the participants to have annual breast screening after age of 45 at the Women’s Hospital. Dr Shaheen Manzur also exhibited self-examination procedure to educate women attending the event with anatomy slides.

Dr Shaheen advised women not to procrastinate visiting a doctor if they found any change in their breasts like the change in size or shape, redness or a rash, a lump or thickening, change in skin texture or any other abnormality in and around breasts. Dr Shahnaz Kader, an Indian dental surgeon, observed that breast cancer like all other diseases including diseases of the oral cavity were best treated in the early stages therefore it was very important to detect and treat them at the right time.

“We hear microwave and grilled-meat cause cancer. We should always check the scientific basis of these allegations before spreading them. As much as the Internet has made information easily available, it has also made spreading of false claims faster,” she added.

Dr Mehwish Qureshi from Hamad Medical Corporation moderated the seminar while the guest speakers lauded PWA President, Rahat Mansoor Ali’s services to the community. The event was sponsored by Punjab Restaurant and Al Masa Dental Complex.

“I am grateful to the sponsors for their contribution in the fight against breast cancer, a disease which is becoming a medical threat for the women residents of Qatar,” said Rahat.
She said that PWA would continue playing its due role in social responsibility matters.