Big sale delights exhibitors at Doha book fair

 05 Dec 2017 - 12:38

Big sale delights exhibitors at Doha book fair
Visitors at a stall during the 28th Doha International Book Fair at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, yesterday. Pic: Baher Amin / The Peninsula

By Sidi Mohamed | The Peninsula 

Many exhibitors at the 28th Doha International Book Fair have expressed their satisfaction over the sale of books especially historical and political books, in addition to children books.

“The demand is big from all ages and daily we are selling around 25 books and most of them are historical and political books, and also religious books,” Mohamed, an exhibitor at Book Fair told The Peninsula yesterday.

“This is my third time to participate in the exhibition and this year the demand is very high compared to previous years. As usual most in demand are children books and books on history and politics. Many of the books I’m selling are on Kuwait, and the buyers of these books are people from Kuwait and those interested in Kuwaiti history,” said Mohyee Al Deen, an exhibitor of one of Kuwaiti publishing houses.

For his part, an exhibitor Nour said that the exhibition was on the proper time because it is in the end of the month and people got their salaries and also they were interested in buying books and expressed keenness to bring their children with them. “In my opinion the exhibitors which are selling children books and games witnessed more demand because parents give priory to their children. Also the literature books witnessed high demand.”

“The demand is high and not only people are buying books, there are also some institutions which are buying them and this is positive sign. The most of the books I have sold are novels, children books and curriculum books,” said Najwa, exhibitor.

Regarding the prices, Abdul Kareem, a visitor said, “The prices are not high and all the stalls are offer books we need for our studies. I have already registered for a master degree program in media and the university recommended me some books which I could not find at various shops of the country but the exhibition brought me a chance to find all books I was looking for and their prices ranged from QR100 and up.”

The Book Fair is open to public until today, and this year it is hosting 29 Arab and foreign countries attracting around 400 publishing houses from across the world.