Hidden Gems: Al Jamal Restaurant for yummy chicken biriyani

 06 Feb 2016 - 13:33

Hidden Gems: Al Jamal Restaurant for yummy chicken biriyani

Doha: Tucked away in one of the bylanes of Fereej Bin Mahmoud, this restaurant has made a name in the foodie folklore of Doha. To start with they don’t have a fixed menu and dishes are decided on a daily basis - this adds to the surprise element.
The place is a little dilapidated for a family dinner outing, but not a problem for real food lovers in search of authentic Pakistani food. Finding the place is a little difficult if you are not familiar with the area as there are lots of road diversions due to metro and other construction works. Use google map for help. Finding a parking in that narrow street is next to impossible, so park on the adjoining road and walk it down.
All that effort won’t go waste when you taste their yummy biriyani. They don’t make biriyani daily but it’s on the menu for sure on every Friday.  It’s available on weekdays also, but depends on your luck as menu changes daily.

The must try is their chicken biriyani, which is made in the Pakistani way (in Pakistan also there are many variations depending on who you ask and which province they are from). The aroma gives an idea of what to expect from the first mouthful. The flavours give you a good idea of how sub-continent cuisines use their spices. The meat is tender and well marinated.
The other dishes like chicken haleem, mutton karai and green masoor dal are equally good and delicious.
The carrot halwa to end the meal was average, so stick to the magic they work up with the spices and meat.
The whole experience leaves you wanting to return the next day to check out what’s on the menu that day.

Must try: Chicken Biriyani
Other notables: Chicken haleem (pictured above), mutton karai, green masoor dal
Price: Very pocket friendly. Half chicken biriyani. Enough for one, is priced at Qr16.
A meal for two will cost around QR50.
Contact numbers: 55392292 & 30873754
(Compiled by Shammas)

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