Agricultural Quarantine Offices destroy 54 imported consignments

 06 Feb 2018 - 9:12

Agricultural Quarantine Offices destroy 54 imported consignments
View of the imported consignment during inspection.

The Peninsula

Doha: The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) represented by the Agricultural Quarantine Offices have inspected 5,485 imported consignments, weighing more than 122,779 tonnes, from various types of imported consignments, plant products and production inputs in January across the different customs points.

The Quarantine Offices destroyed 54 consignments weighing more than 255 tonnes for violating the agricultural quarantine law and for certain damages. 

The agricultural quarantine is the first line of defence for protection from agricultural infections. The preventive procedure aims to protect the country’s agricultural wealth from foreign-originated pests.

It also provides that all plants, agricultural products and any other materials shall be subject to phytosanitary regulations for its procedures and to ensure that other agricultural production inputs are in conformity with the conditions and specifications.

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