Safari begins 10-20-30 promotion

 06 Feb 2018 - 9:07

The Peninsula

DOHA: Safari, the well-known hypermarket group in Doha, has started 10-20-30 promotional offers with amazing prize discounts. Apart from the other retail groups in Qatar, Safari has always ensured the customer friendly approach. This 10-20-30 promotional offers are also designed in such a pattern. The products with superior quality at a lesser prize is the specialty of this 10-20-30 promotions.

Safari is a shopping destination for the common people for past several years as it has always introduced different verities of daily promotions and offers. This 10-20-30 promotion is the most popular promotion from safari. More than thousands of verity products are showcased as a part of this promotion. In a press release, Safari group Director and General Manger Mr. Sainul Abideen pointed that Safari is the first business firm which has created a transparent relationship between the customer and the business firm.

More than thousands of products are showcased including food products, milk & milk products. One set of 175 Gms, Fa soap including 6 numbers for just 10 Riyals only.10 kg Lotus Jasmin Rice for just 20 riyals, The Scarlet Rice Cooker having the capacity of 1.2ltr for just QR30 etc. are the highlights of this promotion.

Fabulous combo offers including Western, south Indian, North Indian, Arabic, Chinese dishes are arranged in safari Hot Food and Bakery Division.

Safari invites all foodie customers with an interesting promotion of 2 Full Grilled Chicken for just 10 Riyals. Several items are arranged at a very low price in this promotion. Items includes two numbers of 1200 Gm Perdix Grilled Chicken for just 20 riyals in Frozen division, 20 numbers of Twix Top Chocolate of 21gm each for just 10 riyals in Grocery division, 4 numbers of Hot pot set just for 30 riyals etc. Wide variety collections of School Stationary items is one of the main attraction of this 10-20-30 promotion. 

Multi-functional stationary items are arranged without any profit concern .It includes One Ream Comics A4 Paper for just 10 riyals, Faber Castell Coloring set for just 10 riyals etc. Tremendous discount offers including Infrared Flying Helicopter for just 30 riyals, Battery operated recharge cars, Touch key boards, Drumming Toy etc. for just 20 riyals etc. are included in this promotions.

In Garments division also there are so many offers included for the valuable customers. One Men’s T- shirt for just QR20, one Men’s Shirt for just QR30, Ladies Sari, Churidar etc. for just QR20 Girls fancy frock for just QR30 etc. Number of amazing hot offers are included in the section of Electronic items.